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Originally Posted by CodeRedDVd View Post
I should let you ALL talk to the MADMAN producer to make him feel misrable. Here's a man who turned down Synapse, Anchor Bay and others. It was his way, or no deal. I wish I never put out the dvd. I really didn't agree with all the terms, but THIS IS THE ONLY WAY FOR THE FILM TO COME OUT!

as for "future contract", I have been in the entertainment field for many many years. Contract said out one month before Halloween, it has be out by that time. There is no "lesson" for me about "future contract", for I am ending the company in summer 2011.
And again, you totally didn?t understood what I was saying...

Who says giving an explanation for something is making him misarable? Not me.
If the movie turned out like this it was a producer?s choice.
All I said was for him to post something to give us, the fans, some explanation to the changes.

As for the "future contract" part, like I said, it meant as in the future so you cannot compare it to the present or the past. When you say there is no lesson for you that?s wrong because everyday we are learning something, even with the smallest things. I too am in the business, since about 1991, and have been a movie producer until 1999 when I turn myself to the home market, producing dvds and blu-rays. I?ve worked with and for all kinds of companies.
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