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Alright how many times have you mentioned it? We're all disappointed (even Bill) so stop being such a fucking douche. Who are you to tell him? Jesus.
Jesus to you too!

Who?s beying a douche? I?m just responding to him, I?m not out of line here just by saying what I think.

Just read all the posts from page 8 and you?ll realise that only 2 times i?ve mention it and they were all answers to to different posts by Bill.

And if you read correctly I?m talking on the behalf on the consumers and fans.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

From what I?ve said before I never offended anyone.
So who are you to come here and offend me? You don?t even know me.

If there?s someone who doesn?t want me to talk about some kind of product that?s ok with me, I?ll stop posting.

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