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When contracts are signed that means both parties agree with the terms.
This may be a lesson for future contract because as you can see the end product is not what the fans wanted. And as a distributor Code Red may get hurt by all this given the comments about low returns.

I think it would be good both for the fans and for Code Redīs image for the responsable for this mess to post some kind of explanation.
I just imagine the opinion of the fans that enter in the documentary when they see the finished product.
I should let you ALL talk to the MADMAN producer to make him feel misrable. Here's a man who turned down Synapse, Anchor Bay and others. It was his way, or no deal. I wish I never put out the dvd. I really didn't agree with all the terms, but THIS IS THE ONLY WAY FOR THE FILM TO COME OUT!

BTW, according to the producer this master was recently used by Anchor Bay U.K. No one in UK complained, no one in Monsters HD to Independent Channel complained.
as for "future contract", I have been in the entertainment field for many many years. Contract stated it has to be out one month before Halloween, it has to be out by that time. There is no "lesson" for me about "future contract", for I am ending the company in summer 2011.

be glad it's out, because it'll be gone soon!

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