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First of all it is CRs fault no disc hits the street without their ok. Bill siad he didn't have time to compair releases. Also unless CR is BSing about low sales they will never do a FREE replacement program. I don't think this will ever be fixed untill another company gets it.

It's like blaiming the bartender for letting me get drunk and when i drive home I crashed my car. He gave me the booze I drove the car whos fault is it?
again, this is what they gave me. don't like it, don't buy it.

a drunk driver killed my best friend once at 1-5 freeway. Comparing me with a freackin' bartender who gave a drunk one too many drink or drunken idiot (who died also) is sick. when does a dvd kill someone??? you know the problem now, don't buy it.

thanks for bring up some memories of my buddy.

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