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I was hoping this would turn out like the restorations Shout in doing with the corman library.

At least Arrow Video doesn´t release their movies based on deadlines.
See the example for Tenebrae, who was to be released this Fall. They said that the restoration was not up to their standarts so they ordered another work on the film and pushed the date back to 2011.
Another example is their Martin dvd who was pushed back a week because the encoding was wrong, still some defective copies were released but they have a free replacement program without you even having to send them the wrong disc.

We all have deadline. Rights expires soon as you think and even studios have deadlines. I have been in the home video industry since 1988, trust me. when the rights owner wants it out one month before halloween, and he put it in the contract, it has to out asap. This why I let him Captain of the ship on this release since I am only a distributor.
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