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I'm certainly no expert on MADMAN or if the blue hue is really supposed to be there. But bear in mind, Bill Lustig had a habit of tinting movies blue in the past when they weren't originally (see THE PROWLER and GHOST GALLEON as two quick examples). Does anyone have the original vhs to compare the tinting with?

Another thing that's important to note, screen caps don't always tell the whole story of a dvd's image. The recent UK dvd of BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW is a huge improvement over the original ABUK dvd, but many people have looked at the screen caps comparing the two and prefer the letterboxed AB dvd image because it appears crisper. But when I watch each dvd at home, the newer one is much, much better looking than the AB one. This is certainly up to the viewer to decide which is better though too. I haven't seen either of the MADMAN dvds yet, so I cannot praise or defend CR's but I have pretty good confidance that it'll be worth picking up (for the anamorphic transfer and from the past releases I have of CR).
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