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The 90 minute documentary sounds like it will be worth the asking price alone! Very excited for this! I remember reading somewhere that they visit the filming location of the movie, can anyone confirm this?
I didn?t see the full doc yet but I can confirm you that.
I saw Madman, the producer and other guy visiting the woods and a shack. They were talking about scenes that were filmed in those places.

From what I saw in the documentary, I found some parts to be really amateur.
Get ready to play with the volume... some interviews are really low when compared to others.
We sometimes see some interviews that were filmed in blue/green screen and in the final composite, the two of them are badly put together.

The picture below is from a good example.
By the picture, you can?t see clearly what I?m talking about.
You have to see the doc playing to get a sense of it...

Voyeur spy

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