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I'm very disappointed will what Iím seeing here. I donít really care if the picture is a little softer but the scenes inside look WAY to warm. Now the outside scenes donít seem too bad, but I really have to believe that the blue moon color filter used on the AB disc is the way itís meant to be seen and by removing it some of the charm of the movie may be lost.
I have the AB disc and I still may get the CR disc for the extras and who knows I may enjoy the transfer after all but I will be keeping the AB disc.
Bill I know you say DVD sales are a hard market to be in these days but dropping the ball like this is not going to help you at all. Like I said I will still buy your movies but I will need to watch them first to see if worth buying. I know you say horror fans are too hard to please and I have never had an issue with your transfers before but this is the first movie that I know of that you have released that was already on DVD and to see the difference makes me now wonder what another company could have done with these transfers and if past code red release could have been better?
But here is the lesson I learned today. I ALWAYS blind buy CR DVDs and to see this version get passed along to the customer without much quality control I can say for an absolute fact I will never blind buy again from CR.

You still have a sale from me but it may be the last, itís really up to you bill.
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