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I have a question regarding the official posters for this film. I think I brought this up earlier in the thread a couple years ago, can't quite remember.

If you go to IMDB, it shows many of the posters for this film in the images section. There's one poster that's always made me go "hmmm". I'm not sure if it's an official poster for the film, or if there was another film by the name of Nightmare... But the image looks very much like it would have been for THIS film. Was it a concept poster? Is it homemade and someone uploaded it to IMDB as a joke? I haven't seen an image for this poster on ANY other site (I've done some extensive searching too).

IMDB won't let you save pics from the site so all I can do is post the link to it. If it IS an official poster for Nightmare, I think it's the best one IMO. Stranger still, the tagline reads "The screams you hear... could be your own!" which is actually the tagline to "House of Death" aka "Death Screams" from the same year. However, as far as I know, that film never went under the title of "Nightmare".

Help me out here!
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