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The main issue is that every line of the translation needs to be timed to when Scavolini is talking so that it can be matched to when he's speaking. It's not as easy as using a dialog list for a feature film where you have various characters conversing and it's easy to put the subtitles where/when they belong. This Scavolini interview is basically a 95-minute one man talking feature-length film and requires much more than a translator just writing down what he's saying on a piece of paper. A professional subtitle-house is the only option and that will cost us well over $3,000 for a title that will never recoup what we've already put out. This is simple business truth. We are not a charity, although we would love to be rich and release everything perfectly. I doubt anyone wants to donate $3,500 to get that interview done. I don't have $3,500 either, unfortunately. Sorry. DVD sales are in the pits, and throwing more cash at a title that will not break even (trust me, it won't) is simply no longer in the cards.
C?mom... i usually do that as a hobby and it?s not hard at all.

I buy lots of dvds from foreign markets and my family only understands my native language, portuguese, so I translate the best of them and re-author the dvd to include them... it?s time consuming but not hard or difficult at all.

For a normal movie it takes me 2 hours a day for about a week to translate, organize the lines of text and put them as a time frame.

If you want, just separate the full audio track from the video and encode as an mp3 and I will gladly translate and arrange the time frame for them....

My price??? a copy of Nightmare when you released it.
Cheaper than 3000 bucks.

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