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Exactly! Of my Italian friends, several are fans of this film and would be more than happy to translate the interview for FREE, so long as they see this thing get released once and for all!!

It's just more lies and bullshit. The more I hear their excuses, the more I'm starting to believe's explanation as to why this release just doesn't seem to be happening.
I believe Code Red is making fu of us...

Why is that every good horror company, at some point in time, turns into shit??? (Anchor Bay).

If Code Red has low sales is their own fawlt... Every DVD that is released gains more audience if it?s more accessible.
Example, put English subtitles (mute audience), put spanish subtitles (hispanic is the 2nd world language)... this is just a case where they should invest so they can get more comeback.
Put money if you want money...
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