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Good question dave. Not counting the scorpion licensing or the media blasters titles that came out after they left, I believe they have released:

-Beyond the Door
-Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses?
-Choke Canyon
-Day at the Beach
-Dead Pit
-Death Journey
-Devil Times Five
-Don't Go in the Woods...Alone!
-Doom Asylum
-Lonely Wives & Sorry, Wrong Bedroom
-Wacky Taxi & Superargo
-Fabulous Journey to the Center of the Earth
-The Forest
-Hot Moves
-Challenge the Dragon & The Needle Avenger
-Mean Johnny Barrows
-Messiah of Evil
-Night of the Dribbler
-Revenge of the Bushido Blade, Ninja Strikes Back & Lady Street Fighter
-Running Hot
-Sole Survivor
-The Statue
-The Strangeness
-Stunt Rock
-Sweet Sixteen
-Teenage Hitch-hikers
-The Unseen
-Weekend Murders

TOTAL: 34 discs

+ street dated

-Alice Goodbody, Aug 17th
-The Dead Are Alive, July 13th
-Exterminators of the Year 3000, Sept 21st
-Horror High, Aug 10th
-A Long Ride from Hell, Aug 2rd
-The Night Child, Sept 7th
-Primal Rage, July 13th

ADDED TOTAL: 41 discs - 46 titles


If you count Media Blasters titles, then it would be:


-Bad Girls' Dormitory
-The Chilling
-Curious Case of the Campus Corpse
-Girls in Chains
-Killer's Delight
-Love Me Deadly
-Riot on 42nd Street
-Terror Circus

COMBINED TOTAL: 50 discs - 55 titles
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