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Was browsing the IMDB forums to see if anything was happening with the film, and was rather disturbed when I saw this:

Marc Heuck, who has worked with Code Red, had this to say about NIGHTMARE:

"In a terrible example of life imitating art, NIGHTMARE is turning into a nightmare.

The negative is unusable. When the lab attempted to inspect it, it was stuck together and could not be separated or salvaged.

The master has been sourced from six different prints, and is still probably going to inspire some troutmouth to complain that their Venezuelan bootleg had better picture quality.

Two different translators were hired to translate and subtitle Scavolini's 90 minute interview, which was conducted in Italian despite the fact that both he and his interviewer spoke perfectly good English. (???) One never did the work, the other chose to "condense" his replies in such a fashion that it looked like one of those foreign film gags in a TV sketch comedy; for example, when asked about how he got on with somebody, Scavolini speaks and gestures for almost a minute, yet all that appears underneath is "We got along well."

So much money has been spent on preparing the disc and supplements already, and taking into account the poor sales of Code Red releases in general, that NIGHTMARE will have to outsell every previous Code Red release combined...let me repeat that, combined...just to break even.

Again, this is a no-win situation. If CR cuts their losses and puts out the movie as is, with no supplements, the haters start bitching that their favorite movie wasn't given the special edition treatment it was promised. If they continue to try salvaging the Scavolini interview, it means the disc is delayed still, and the haters start bitching that CR is putting out crap that deserves to fail instead of what they want right here right now. And in either situation, they will never make their investment back.

So who needs a drink right now?"

So ya. Things are looking grim for Nightmare.
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