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I believe one or two of the versions circulating within the U.S.are cut,(seem to recall the bathtub scene and one or two of the more violent deaths having more gore/nudity when I initially watched the flick).Uncut would be a must.Other than that,even a barebones disc would be preferable to nothing.

I did come across a woman on Facebook who I believe may be THE Andra St. Ivanyi,(she does resemble the red-haired character,Alex Wallace.)Below is the small letter I sent her:


I am a fan of the 1980s film The Outing,(A.K.A.The Lamp),and believe you might be the lead actress,based on your unusual surname,and similar look to one of the principle cast .

I am currently in the process of trying to convince a reputable company to put the film on DVD,and wonder if you would be interested in contributing to the possible special features.The film is a minor classic in most circles,but many horror fans like myself love it,and would appreciate seeing it restored to its full glory via DVD format.Your picture is lovely,by the way.You're certainly aging very gracefully.

Thank you for your consideration,

*Insert Name*

Who knows...if this is the wrong woman,at least she received a compliment toward her looks! Here's hoping the flick doesn't belong to anyone difficult.
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