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Now that it looks like the DVD is nearing completion, I wonder what the artwork will be. I haven't seen anything that knocks my socks off as far as the original theatrical and video releases go.

This is the only one that I like:

This image is the most prevalent, but is still pretty weak:

And, just for reference, here is the truly awful UK artwork:

There is another poster floating around, this one featuring a shadowed figure wielding a HUGE knife with a woman's face reflected in the blade. I couldn't find a linkable image, but you can see it on the IMDB page for Nightmare. It's also not that great.

There are also the VHS covers, all of which are shoddy and not really worth putting on a DVD cover (although the Blood Splash VHS does feature a woman with an axe in her head, it's a really chintzy looking image).
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