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Originally Posted by The Chaostar View Post
Having read various interviews of the director, I am not at all interested to hear anything from him. I mean, the guy is SOOOOOOO full of himself. In every article I've read he does nothing but praise himself (like as if NIGHTMARE is some sort of horror-Citizen-Kane) and the film and attack every other horror director in the business. I am sure the "commentary" will be like that. Code Red should not waste money on something like that I think.
You've read Spaghetti Nightmares, then? What was it that the fawning interviewer referred to Scavolini as...The Dark Idol of New York?

I do agree that Romano seems to believe the unearned prominence that the authors give him. In a book where Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Ruggero Deodato and Antonto Margheriti are interviewed, and where Mario Bava and Ricardo Freda are referenced, it's difficult to swallow the profile of his alleged greatness.

Funny thing, though. His egotism is the precise reason why I think the interview is essential. I'm also interested to know which version of his Savini-was-the-FX-guy story he'll be using this time around.

Just to let you know, my Italian extra guy conducted an interview with Romano Scavolini yesterday, (Romano declined to do a commentary, instead preferred to do a lengthy on camera interiew) he said he filmed over an hour worth of materials, so once we have it subtitled (it was conducted in Italian), which can be a major hassle, we should be able to start finalizing the release.
Awesome news. I can hardly wait. So, we can expect the DVD by this Christmas, right?
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