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I'm sure the prints are in pretty rough shape. I think fans are starting to understand that distributors don't have the same love affair with films that they do, and that exploitation and horror films from decades past have not only been worked to death, but are rarely give much care at all after they are out of circulation. Sympathy for niche DVD companies (like Code Red) that are trying their best with shoddy materials is becoming easier to find.

I mean, Coppola had to get Spielberg to hassle Paramount on his behalf to do a from-the-ground-up remastering of The Godfather films!

script idea maybe scrapped for now, for we may have to charge $34.99 SRP for the disc due to additional production cost, and it hard to charge that kind of a price as we are having trouble charging SRP19.98 on our titles, as that price point doesnt even break even for us sometimes.
34.95 is somewhat steep, but not unreasonable if the DVD is packed. Pieces is going for 24.95, Nekromantik 2 still going for 29.95, etc..(these prices don't reflect any seller's discounts), and Mondo Macabro has a few titles for 24.95. I know I would pay that amount. But, I can see the problem since it looks like next year's market might not support such a price tag.

The inclusion of the script is such a great idea. I hope you aren't forced to cut it!

Romano one day tells us he wants to do a commentary, and another day he tells us he only wants to do a interview. Don't know what will happen, but we are running on Romano's time.
Well, we Italians can be temperamental!

thanks Delicreep, we appreciate your support you have given us on thi board and imdb!
My pleasure. Code Red does good work, I'm interested most of your titles, and your company actually talks to its fans like they're human beings. My hope is that Code Red will be around for a good while.
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