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Code Red's Nightmare aka Nightmares in a Damaged Brain

I just listened to an interview with Code Red's Lee Christian over at While covering a slew of their upcoming DVD's, Lee is asked about Nightmare. Amidst all of the other info, he mentions two things that got my attention:

1)Code Red recently came across another release print of the film.

2)Romano Scavolini has agreed to do a commentary, but he lives overseas and getting him in L.A. has been problematic. They are still waiting.

Cool news. The commentary is almost essential, and I'm happy that it looks like Code Red is really trying to make it happen. From the sound of it, things might still fall through. Keep your fingers crossed.

As for the new print, Lee makes it sound like it has less print damage (save for the reel changes, which have problems) than the one they've been using for the commentaries. From the sound of things, Code Red is mulling over what to do with this new discovery (which makes 8(!) release prints that they have been working with).

There is no release date on the horizon for Nightmare, but at least Lee gives two good reasons* why this DVD is taking so long. From what I heard, it sounds like a lot of care is going into this release, as much as a small outfit like CR can muster.

BTW, there is a slew of other stuff from Code Red in the interview (other DVDs, the Code Red snafu) and so I recommend that you give it a listen--it's audio only, no transcript. Hopefully, I haven't screwed up or misinterpreted any of what I heard.

*The third reason an especially cool idea: Code Red wants to either have script excerpts for certain scenes, or the entire script itself available as an extra on the DVD. They're still awaiting to hear from Romano Scavolini about this.
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