Zombie Holocaust in UK

Discussion in 'General' started by cooldevices, Dec 21, 2000.

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    hi i dont know if this has already been posted but Stonevision Entertainment are releasing an uncut directors version of Zombie Holocaust aka (DR.Butcher MD) the melonfarmers.co.uk site on censorship states that on dec 5th the bbfc passed the film with no cuts www.blackstar.co.uk have it listed for release on 29th January 2001 widescreen deleated scenes and other extras the cover artwork looks a lot better than the dragon release.
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    Cool news, ain't it. At last, the BBFC have woke up and smelled the coffee! I don't think the movie is excellent but it's still a worthy addition to my collection.
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    This is great. I was going to get the dragon release, but I'll certainly wait for this one!

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    I love Dr. Butcher!

    cooldevices, I gotta ask: Didja take your name from the hentai series? I have that DVD box set & it's pretty impressive [​IMG]

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    yup! i got cool devices box set saving up for the Imma Youjo one next

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