your ten most precious horror DVDs that you own and couldnt live without...

Discussion in 'General' started by Hellbilly, Oct 19, 2001.

  1. bender

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    Once again... In no order.

    1. Texas Chainsaw 1
    2. Evil Dead (Elite)
    3. Maniac
    4. Halloween
    5. Alien
    6. Changeling
    7. Howling
    8. Black Christmas
    9. Demons
    10.New York Ripper
  2. thrashard76

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    Don't touch!

    1. The Evil Dead (Limited Edition - not here in the states yet but this will be #1 soon!)
    2. Army of Darkness Director's Cut (Limited Edition)
    3. The Evil Dead II (Limited Edition Tin)
    4. The Beyond (Limited Edition Tin)
    5. Suspiria (Limited Edition)
    6. The Dario Argento Collection Volume 1: Inferno / Phenomena (Limited Edition)
    7. The Dario Argento Collection Volume 2: Demons / Demons 2 (Limited Edition)
    8. The Dario Argento Collection Volume 3: Deep Red / Tenebrae (Limited Edition)
    9. Hellraiser / Hellraiser II (Limited Edition Tin)
    10. Opera (Limited Edition), where are those recall disks!!!
  3. The Chaostar

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    Jul 23, 2000
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    to maupin.

    Jet Set Willy II
    is the work of a twisted, sick mind. Flying razors, flying cooks with hatchets.... who could have thought such a psychotic thing? Imagine being trapped in such a universe. Now THAT'S a scary thought!

    ten couldn't-live-without horror dvds

    1. Audition
    2. Rabid Dogs
    3. Triumph Of Will (synapse version) - well, it is horrifying...
    4. Deep Red
    5. Suspiria LE
    6. The Brood (french dvd)
    7. The Beyond TIN
    8. The Wicker Man LE
    9. The Thing SE
    10. Schramm
  4. chwatkins

    chwatkins Guest

    My personal top ten...

    Army of Darkness SE (could really give two craps about whether or not I had the LE or not. Just love the movie.)

    Night Of The Living Dead - Elite (by far the best presentation of the film I've seen)

    Halloween SE (nuff said)

    Scanners (bare-bones disc, like most MGM films, but you just gotta love Cronenberg. One of my favorite of his.)

    House/House 2 (not really scary. In fact, I probably wouldn't even classify the second film 'horror' really, but both movies are a lot of fun.)

    Plan 9 From Outer Space (the disc I have is a crappy Passport Video release, but I'm just happy to have the movie on disc. Not one that really calls out for a stellar transfer ;) )

    Scream box set (say what you will about these films, but IMO, the first Scream movie is classic. The sequels not so much, as they kept trying to up the cleverness, but the first film always gets to me.)

    Evil Dead 2 SE (what can I say? this is on everyone's list, no need to explain, I'd imagine.)

    The Pit and the Pendulum (how can a movie go wrong with the Poe/Corman/Price combo? This one in particular is a favorite of mine, and I'm glad to see it on DVD finally.)

    13 Ghosts (not really all that scary, but a lot of fun. And how can you not be charmed by the magic of Illusion-O?!)

    Movies that almost made the list...

    Phantasm SE (great presentation of a great film. Plus, at a great price! Picked my copy up a couple weeks ago for 9.99!)

    Exorcist (just not my favorite horror film. good disc, though.)

    Dawn of the Dead (good movie, just not my favorite dvd...)

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