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Discussion in 'Slashers' started by Max Yokell, May 23, 2002.

  1. Max Yokell

    Max Yokell Guest

    Well I got to thinking about Slasher movies and then got to thinking what I want in a slasher movie.

    First I will say that one of my Favorite slasher movies is A Blade In The Dark. :)

    Now the things I want in a slasher movie....

    1. Show the slashing with lots of blood and cutting. Be totally fucking violent about the killing not shying away from anything.

    2. Lots of gratiudious nudity. :)

    3. kind of an extension of 2 lots of female victims.

    4. More Blood, more slashing, and more nudty.

    If the killing effects look good nothing else matters. :)

    Now sometimes you can know who the killer is from the begining and some times they can have some suspense to them.

    Now while the Slumber Party Masacre series are not great films, there was something I kind of liked about them.

    Their simplicity.

    I mean that start off letting the viewer know there is an excapped killer on the loose and then, they showed the girls getting sliced up. One of the series was tame about the blood but I forget which one.

    I enjoyed Manaic a great deal.

    So know that you know what I like, how bout some DVD buying suggestions?

    Or tell me what you like in a slasher movie.

  2. DefJeff

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    Aug 1, 2001
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    Hamden, CT
    im an easy man to please

    1. black gloves on the killer
    2. good, brutal violence and gore (dosent have to be too much, just when it does come, make it count)
    3. general sleaze and depravity (whores sleeping around, drug use, lesbos etc)

    a good example of my 2. is in A Blade in the Dark, the bathroom murder scene... dosent get much better then that

    an extension could be harassment by the killer. i like when the killer makes phone calls and harasses people, like in Tenebrae etc. but it has to be done right.
  3. thrashard76

    thrashard76 Guest

    Lots of....

    01. ...Stalking
    02. ...Murderer obscurity
    03. ...Different weapons
    04. ...Killing senerios
    05. ...Trying to escape
    06. ...Nudity
    07. ...Screams
    08. ...Failed attempts of killing the murderer
    09. ...Hot looking women
    10. ...Torture tactics
  4. rhett

    rhett Administrator

    Jul 30, 2000
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    For me, I like my slashers in two different ways.

    Firstly and most importantly, there is the respectable slasher category. These films do not need any gore at all, but must have style and atmosphere out the ears. They should possess some ideas of originality, and be logically feasible. Movies that fit into this mold are Halloween, and Black Christmas.

    The majority of the slasher films fall into this mold, the cheese slasher. In these types, there needs to be buckets of gore and a little T&A thrown into the mix. Both gore and T&A can only take a movie so far, so it needs to have either a decent plot, or an overabundance of cheese. By cheese I mean the disco dancing scene in Prom Night or the end credits song in My Bloody Valentine.

    A movie like Valentine has some cool gore and some decent T&A, but the actors play it so straight and without effort, that the cheese factor just isn't there, and as a result the film stinks like cabbage rolls.

    Although I'd like it to be the other way around, there are much more cheese slashers than respectable ones, and that I can understand. I love older slasher films, and I just wish filmmakers today could get it right. :(
  5. Max Yokell

    Max Yokell Guest

    Valentine was an interesting movie. I think they were a little light on the T&A and it seemed as though the gore was edited a bit to tone it down. almost like you get the feeling they wanted to make a real 80's style bloody mess and then were told to tone it down before release.

    thus I ended up kind of disappointed in it.

    Besides Denise Richards should have been topless for at least half her scenes and then I would not have missed the gore as much. :)
  6. Mark Relford

    Mark Relford Chairman of the Bored

    Aug 31, 2000
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    The slasher genre is in sad shape. Today's slasher plays it safe and doesn't deliver the goods. Where's the gore? Where's the sleaze? Where's the T&A? Where's the fun?

    I like the respectable slashers, but the cheesy ones from the 80's are da shit!:D
  7. thrashard76

    thrashard76 Guest

    Hopefully a respectable big name movie (like Sam Raimi's upcoming "Boogieman" scenerio movie) will be made for horror fans primarily and the teeny-boppers secondary. That means a hardlined R rating with small cuts in the movie to get that R rating.

    In the mean time boppers will (hopefully) like the film enough to get more movies to start coming out with a more hardcore horror leaning to them. We need a movie as an example for the masses so other upcoming movies can build upon it.

    A revival of sorts...*without all that Jim Jones koolade...yuk!*:D

    Again, sorry for the rant. Please continue...
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  8. WesReviews

    WesReviews Active Member

    Aug 11, 2001
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    Pikeville, KY
    I too agree with the whole Respectable/Cheese divisions of the slasher genre.

    The cool thing about slashers is that they can still work, even if they are a "terrible" movie by any other means of measuring cinematic merit.

    Take for example, Fatal Games. Extremely bad, even for a horror movie. This had the unfortunate luck of coming out the year Nightmare on Elm Street did, and we all know how Elm Street's release changed the genre. the true slasher film was dead at this time. But here comes Fatal Games (terrible VHS box art and all).

    It's extremely bad, but I have to admit, the dark photography and the horrid (but quite creepy at times) 80's synth score really work to the film's advantage. The killings aren't all that original (all of them with a javelin spear) but there is a decent amount of T&A. It's not one of the better slashers out there, but it's worth a look for slasher enthusiasts. If they were to release it on DVD, I'd probably buy it. By the way, as far as "cheese moments" go, I don't think any of the other 80's slashers have Fatal Games beaten in that category...check out that cheesy opening credits and end credits song "Take it To the Limit" by Shuki Levy...who also does Fatal Games synth score. He also did the theme songs to a LOT of old 80's Cartoon shows (C.O.P.S, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Etc.) This cheesy song was not his finest work, by a long shot. :)

    Madman is another cheesy slasher that's quite watchable. I shouldn't put Madman in the same category as Fatal Games. Madman is leaps and bounds better, but it's still cheesy. It too has a really creepy synth score but is light on T&A. I love Madman though.

    The best slasher I've seen in a while is Stagefright. It's truly one of the few perfect slashers out there.
  9. Joel Groce

    Joel Groce Guest

    wow - sounds like I need to run right out and get "Stagefright" ...

    I've heard a lot of good shit about this flick - is this anything like "Girls Nite Out" with the animal costumes or totally different in feel- I hear GNO has a real misogynistic bent to it. Of course, I still lack "Maniac" - the Citizen Kane of Horror - damn I'm a broke bastard esp. after the titty bar today! :D
  10. Max Yokell

    Max Yokell Guest

    Stage Fright is a great movie with an artistic bend to it that would make Argento proud, it was IMO outdone by Dellamorte Dellamore. which I thought was damn near one of the best Horror movies I have ever seen.

    Stage Fright does have a chainsaw which is allways a fun addtion to the mayhem. :)

  11. KillerCannabis

    KillerCannabis Slow, Deep & Hard

    Oct 12, 2000
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    So Cal
    GORE, GORE, GORE. I'm a self-professed gorehound and when it comes to a slasher flick, show me the red. Thats what makes the movie for me.
  12. Max Yokell

    Max Yokell Guest

    Well if you did not pick up on my subtle way of saying it in my original post.... I kind of like them to include some blood and gore as well.:D

  13. Trout

    Trout Guest

    I want suspense. The film can be as gory as hell, just as long as it is scary.
  14. thrashard76

    thrashard76 Guest

    A kickass killer (or more) is a must. He (she) has to be smart logical and tough as hell to hurt. ;) Hmm, maybe I should say hit cuz my favorite killer is the kind that has gone past any phsyical pain. :D Also, the killer is artistic in his approach to killing his victims. Lets face it, its the different follow ups and ultimate killings of a victims that interest us most. :D\nn/
  15. harbor

    harbor Guest

    Seems like we all have the same kind of taste around here. Some of you may be interested in reading a scene from one of my screenplays. Being a fan, it's very Argento. I would like nothing more than bringing the glory days of giallo to the states. The script is about a manic who steals pieces of headstones and leaves them at the scene of teh crime. although it has a a ton more plot than that it's difficult to to describe it without revealing to much.

    Let me try to set up the scene. It takes place at a sick S & M sex club during a Halloween party. (that's why the Killer blends in) and if anyone asks why nobody walks into the bathroom, well that's explained later!


    int. restroom - night

    The restroom is empty.

    Michael is pressed against a filthy urinal taking care of business.

    A florescent bulb flickers. Michael finishes his work and zips up.
    He heads for the sink, and begins washing his hands.

    The killer enters and we see his face for the first time. A black mask covers the true identity. One hole cut out of the left eye. A black utility jacket covers his upper body. The sleaves seamlessly blend in with the black leather gloves.

    Close on Michael washing his hands. Tilt up to reveal the killer’s reflection in the mirror, standing behind Michael.

    Michael doesn’t notice until he’s finished washing his hands.
    He sees the killer behind him, but it’s too late.

    The madman grabs Michael and places his gloved hand over his mouth.

    Spinning him around he throws him into one of the two stalls in the small restroom.

    Close on the killers concealed face. The one eye stares at his victim.

    The madman speaks in a deep frighting voice for the first time.

    Do you miss her?

    Close on Michael. Fear in his eyes. The killer slowly removes his hand from his mouth.


    CRUNCH! Michael cringes as the blade lunges into his abdomen. His eyes roll back into his head.

    We pull back to see the killer pushing all of his weight into the blade before removing the knife.

    The killer backs up, and admires his work before reaching into his pocket and grabbing the piece of granite headstone he removed from the cemetery.

    The killer tosses the garnite at the body. The stone bounces off his chest and leg before hitting the filth covered tile floor.

    Pleased with his work, the maniac exits.
  16. Jog

    Jog Guest

    So much love for "A Blade in the Dark!"

    That's good... it's probably my favorite L. Bava film. "Stagefright" is more along the lines of an American slasher film with a seemingly superpowered, flamboyantly clad villian cutting people up all over with a minimum of mystery or plot. There is also a very generous helping of 80's style, so beware if you're allergic to such things. It's cool though, even if Soavi's later films were better. Trivia: the producer of "Stagefright" was Joe D'Amato!!!

    I'll readily agree that today's slashers are weak-kneed. It seems that you can't get such a film greenlit anymore without assurances that it's "camp" or a winking homage to older slashers. But I'm sick of winking!!! In a perfect world, we'd see a new kind of slasher, one with all the needed grue of the 80's, and even some classic cliches, like long stalking shots, and hell, why not some giallo stuff too, like hands... or eyes. But there would be a new attitude, a post-post-modern bent that embraces exaggerated feelings and emotions and plays the material totally without irony. This is the only way to create real camp value, imho (though there are exceptions). I think this could be done with various styles, whether through shakey camera work and real, gritty locations (a la Session 9) or silent-film style expressionist decoration. Just not another "Gosh, Bobby, this is just like that scene in Hobgoblins!" type flick.
  17. thrashard76

    thrashard76 Guest

    This sounds good to me.

    Something like a cross between Se7en (plot and crime scenes) and Silence Of The Lambs (psychological and macabre) meets Friday The 13th (over the top villian and killing arrangements) and Opera (killer stalking camera angles and guessing who the killer is).

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