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    Universal Studios has announced Van Helsing for DVD release on October 19, 2004 with a $29.98 MSRP. There will also be an "Ultimate Collector's" edition available with an MSRP of $59.95. Both are available in anamorphic widescreen transfers.

    What's specific to the Ultimate Edition:

    For those who want even more behind-the-scenes exclusives, the 3-disc Van Helsing Ultimate Collector's Edition DVD, available for a limited time, takes an in-depth look at the amazing sets and the story of the monster hunter hero. In addition, the three original films that inspired Van Helsing - Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolf Man - are included as an unbeatable bonus for monster lore fans of all ages.

    What both editions will include:

    Thrilling Look at Behind-the-Scenes Action and Special Effects

    The Van Helsing DVD is packed with special features that deliver hours of fascinating entertainment topped by two features that explore the film's amazing sets as never before and the opportunity to play the thrilling Van Helsing Xbox game:

    * Explore Dracula's Castle
    Through an innovative 360 (degree) self-guided tour, discover the stunning environments of Van Helsing that you couldn't see in theaters.

    * You Are in the Movie!
    Experience movie-making magic through miniature cameras on the set that give the actors' perspectives on the filming of a scene.

    * Outtakes

    *Bringing the Monsters to Life
    From pencil sketches through complete digital composition, the experts at Industrial Light & Magic show how Van Helsing's monsters were brought to life.

    * The Legend of Van Helsing
    The evolution of the legendary character, Van Helsing, throughout film history.

    * Feature Commentaries
    With director Stephen Sommers, producer Bob Ducsay, and actors Richard Roxburgh, Shuler Hensley and Will Kemp.

    * The Van Helsing Xbox Game
    Put this DVD into your Xbox console and play the first level of the stunning Van Helsing game.

    Available for a limited time, the Van Helsing Ultimate Collector's Edition includes even more great features for even more hours of entertainment for fans who can't get enough background about Van Helsing:

    * Explore Frankenstein's Lab
    Explore Frankenstein's Lab through a groundbreaking 360-degree self-guided tour that lets you discover the secrets not shown in theaters.

    * Van Helsing: The Story, The Life, The Legend
    Mini-documentaries focus on each character in the film with excerpts, original set design,ILM effects work, conceptual weapons sketches and more.

    * Track the Adventure: Van Helsing's Map
    The secrets behind each fantastic set are revealed via an ancient monster map. Five linked featurettes take viewers to a world beyond imagination.

    * The Music of Van Helsing

    * Darkness Falls: Dracula's Lair is Transformed
    Time-lapse photography captures the transformation of Dracula's Coffin Room to his Lab in a matter of minutes through this eye-opening sequence.

    Monster Savings for Fans of the Genre

    Buyers of the Van Helsing DVD will receive a coupon for an instant $5.00 off on any of the titles from Universal Studios Home Video's six Monster Legacy Collections: Dracula: The Legacy Collection, Frankenstein: The Legacy Collection and The Wolf Man: The Legacy Collection and the upcoming The Mummy: The Legacy Collection, The Invisible Man: The Legacy Collection and The Creature from the Black Lagoon: The Legacy Collection. These DVD collections represent the definitive releases of the landmark horror franchises that launched an entire genre of entertainment and belong in every collector's library.

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  2. Grim

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    Baltimore, MD
    This film doesn't deserve the treatment its getting.
  3. Anthropophagus

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    Jun 26, 2004
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    Sixty bucks for this crappy film?? I could buy two Universal Monster legacy collections for that price. I think I'll pass on this.
  4. BloodMan

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    Aug 20, 2002
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    Toronto, Ontario
    Definately NOT getting that super expensive one... the other one tho, for sure. Fun lil stupid flick this is. :) Shitty cover.
  5. Boredstiff

    Boredstiff Guest

    For a summer or shall I sal "slummer" movie, I enjoyed it. The visuals were exciting, cinematography was great; with burst of color I've rarely seen lately. Granted, the story was lame, but the whole movie was better than expected. I might even spurge on the "collector's edition" if I can find it at a reasonable discount at Wal Mart or on-line. Sorry many of you don't feel the same way. And yes, the cover stinks. why can't studios stick to the same poster art which isoften better than the film.
  6. thrashard76

    thrashard76 Guest

    Mmm.....Kate :nervous: :sperm: :sperm:
  7. geeare

    geeare Guest

    I was never so disappointed in a movie. I loved the first 15 mins of the film in B/W but it was just a huge letdown after that. I HATE CGI!!!!!!!
  8. indiephantom

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    Aug 2, 2000
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    Ghost World
    For the additional features, none of which I own, this makes the UE worth it. I was looking for a reason to purchase this rather marginal title and now I've got one. Although as the summer goes on, this film is looking better and better. I really liked it better than "Hellboy", frankly.
  9. darklight

    darklight New Member

    May 31, 2004
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    Van Helsing

    Movie sucked. Doesn't deserve a fraction of the type of treatment it's getting. It has all the hallmarks of a Jerry Bruickhemer over substance.... :mad:
  10. moogong

    moogong Arte Suave

    Oct 18, 2001
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    I buy the lesser version. I thought the movie was good but I can't even justify a $60 price on a movie I love.
  11. Guyver99

    Guyver99 Member

    Jan 25, 2000
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    Orange County, CA
    Well, I don't mind paying a premium price for the best edition of a movie I love. But $60 retail for a video game (because that's what most of it looks like) you can't play? I'll pass.
  12. Basset

    Basset Guest

    I think I'll like the movie. But this is from a guy that enjoyed the both mummy films as well :D

    And of course kate is in there as well ;)
  13. thrashard76

    thrashard76 Guest

    I highly doubt I'll get the Universal Monsters Legacy boxsets so the Ultimate Boxset of Van Helsing will be the version that I will be getting.
  14. puddytay

    puddytay Guest

    59.95? What does it come with an authentic wolfmans penis?
  15. Noto

    Noto Guest

    Why? If it does will you buy it?
  16. Loomis

    Loomis Guest

    I've just posted the press release for the Australian version over at DVD Bits, as it comes as a standard 2-disc.

    The press also mentions a commentary not mentioned on the US editions: one with "Hugh Jackman & Kate Beckinsale". Interesting.
  17. boogeyman74

    boogeyman74 Guest

    Who gives a flying shit about Van ???? I mean really
  18. John Gargo

    John Gargo Guest

    I saw this for free at my college and it was so bad that I fell asleep halfway through and my friends had to keep waking me up... I have no problem with Hugh Jackman, and he gives it his all, but the movie is just so utterly stupid and riddled with poorly rendered CGI that I could never see myself watching this ever again. Come to think of it, the actor that played Dracula was also pretty good in his role as well... Kate was awful, though, and so was the movie.

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