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Discussion in 'General' started by scrybe, Dec 15, 2000.

  1. scrybe

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    there's two covers of this one from hong kong, anyone know what the differences are? a friend of mine worked on the fx, and claims that a LOT of it was changed and hopes to find an uncut (if there is such a thing) version.
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    I love this film.

    Yes, much of the special effects were altered by the studio in post-production. I do believe that the ending was completely reshot because the original FX included a 9 1/2 foot female demon. I saw pictures of this and the creature in the film'd ending now looks nothing like what was originaly intended. The four-legged demon looks really fake actually, but I still like the film. I would not be surprised if an unrated version exists that has an alternate ending. I would LOVE to see it.

    I want a DVD.


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    Yeah, barry showed me some of the pictures. it looked like something crossed between carpenter's 'the thing' and some other weird creatures thrown in. much better than what they used. someday i'll run across a workprint somewhere..
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    I have the Ocean Shores HK DVD. It is the same as the US video release.

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