The Troma Rejects: The Sequel (#4 - #7)

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    Toxie's Triple Terrors ... too bad to release on their own Troma label? Maybe, but who cares. At least Brentwood got to release their first movies legit on disc.
    Anyway, I hope you guys are still with me because the suffering ain't over yet.


    Now here we have an interesting threesome. Start your Triple Terror Feature with:

    Fertilize The Blaspheming Bombshell ... why? Because this must be the most idiotic title in the entire set. Formely known on video as Mark Of The Beast (1990), Bombshell tells the story of some blonde chick searching for her missing sister in a deserted desert-town. Well, it's not really deserted. It's run by a bunch of Devil Worshippers. Bombshell hooks up with the town's Sheriff (yours truly, Bo Hopkins. Did he ever play anything else?) and kicks some Satanists' ass. Along the way you get some pretty tight dune-buggie action that seemed to be lifted straight out of The Road Warrior, a few naked Devilchicks dancing with snakes and of course Bombshell! taking out an entire army of Satanists. On her own. Highlights: Out-of-place shower scene with body double and Pino Donaggio rip-off Dressed To Kill shower-score.

    Can't get enough of those battling blonde babes? Then your next movie shall be:

    Stuff Stephanie In The Incinerator ... why? Because the Devil made me choose it. For some reason this one was on my to-watch list for years. Never could track down the old Media Home Entertainment release though. Stephanie isn't a total suckfest and I think the script had its interesting moments. However, Stephanie is suffering from low budget plus the direction needed some tightening. This is a PG rated black comedy about bored rich folks playing fatal role-playing fantasy games. A bit amusing, a bit dull and a little more or less surprise twist ending.

    One more chick to go. Meet Janet in:

    Scream, Baby, Scream ... why? Because she's a groovy chick. Make that a groovy Art Student chick. Besides Art, she also enjoys Acid and weed. She get's stoned and loves to dance in a Gazebo while her boyfriend plays Guitar. Scream Baby Scream ain't all about Janet though, we also get to meet her far-out friends, some sinister painter and his Igor-type servant snatching young chicks to perform even more sinister experiments on them. Silly yet groovy 60's psychedelic shock-o-drama. Not really all that excellent but has it's amusing moments. Highlights: After taking acid Janet and her friends have a far-out trippy zoo experience. Best line: "She's out expressing herself ... she shagged up with somebody!". Bonus: They actually say "groovy" one time.


    Now comes the really good stuff. Start with:

    Nightfall ... why? Because I assume you enjoy good Vampire movies. Ok, Nightfall is not a good Vampire movie but one can see they were at least trying to make this (look) good. Meet FBI Agent Jack, a tough hot shot from Seattle, and his greenhorn partner Brian - who doesn't look older than 16 and already has a alcohol problem. Brian gets murdered, a helpful fat psychic named Ann Vorhees gets arrested and Jack hooks up with two cops trying to figure out who killed Brian and a whole bunch of other people. Soon they find out that Vampires are responsible for death and murder and the final showdown shall take place in the town's mausoleum ... we are talking cop city here, investigations, people get send to the police station for questioning. It goes on like that for quite a bit. Vampires do show up, shaking their long hair while hissing into the camera. There's no background on them and why they are here, but they get killed the old fashioned way anyway. So expect some crucifix-fu, holy water fu, garlic-fu, stakes-through-the-heart and exploding bloodsuckers in broad day light. Highlight: one pair of boobs and one exploding car.

    Yearning for more Cop-action? Pop in:

    The Dark Side Of Midnight ... why? So you can read all about it right here.

    You shall end the evening with:

    Nightmare Weekend ... why? Because I really love this craptastic nonsense. Read all about Nightmare Weekend right here.


    Tough one. Grab a beer & aspirin and start with:

    Space Zombie Bingo ... why? Because if you survive this one you deserve a medal! Anyway, not sure how to put this ... Space Zombie Bingo is very hard to watch, that's for sure. It's a comedy but not funny, unless absurd & twisted unfunny/pseudo-funny humor is your kinda thing. It's a homage to Plan 9 From Outer Space and is kinda cool because of that, but still manages to be worse than Plan 9. I won't go into this any deeper because I am out of aspirins but let me tell you, besides being painful Space Zombie Bingo also has a few "cool" & tasteless stuff to offer: Animals getting blown up in microwaves, puke-inducing Alien-sex and some more. If that's your kind of thing.

    Still with me? Good. Next DVD to insert in your player:

    The Newlydeads ... why? Because I'm sure I'll be hunted down with pitchforks and torches because of recommending this. Ok, only kidding. The Newlydeads is shot-on-video bad but had its moments. It tells the enchanting story of Jackie, a transvestite stopping at some wedding lodge on a rainy afternoon for rest & shelter. She/He seduces the owner, they have a fist fight and Jackie dies because a screwdriver enters her/his ear. Years later Jackie returns to the lodge, zombiefied and dressed in a wedding gown ready for revenge ... or marriage. Not sure about that. Will she/he succceed? Will Jackie ever find true love? That's for you to find out. You will also find out that there's some halfway fun Friday The 13th type of killings happening. And I'm sure you'll agree the opening song Spooky is catchy as hell.

    If you're not braindead by now, pop in the final disc of #6 please:

    Dead Dudes In The House ... why? Because The House On Tombstone Hill was the original name of Dead Dudes when first released on VHS by AIP in the early 90s. Fun little gory cheese flick about an evil granny murdering teenage intruders with all sorts of weapons, wit & nasty giggles. Has it's Evil Dead moments and some decent killings.


    Don't pretend to be dead. We ain't done yet. Pop in:

    Play Dead ... and read all about Yvonne De Carlo's tour de force here.

    Now be a good dawg and continue with:

    Death By Dialogue ... why? Because how many movies are there about possessed movie scripts killing people? Yep, you heard me - possessed movie scripts. This script got possessed by the spirit of some dude from South America. His spirit ended up in this unfinished script for some reason I forgot. However, anyone who dares to read the script dies in the manner they are written in the script. Ultra low budget cheese with a few amusing death scenes, ear-bleeding bad rock songs and Ken Sagoes from A Nightmare On Elm Street 4. Highlight: Barn-killing. Excellent stunt stuff there.

    Ok, almost done. Saved the best for last:

    Mommy's Epitaph ... You know the drill.

    Conclusion: I knew what I was getting into when I bought those Toxie sets. Wasn't expecting Citizen Kane kinda stuff. Sure, some movies on the set are pure crap but I still managed to get some fun out of it. I'd be more than happy to buy more if new sets shall be released in the future ... because I'm a cheese junkie by heart.
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    Great reviews. I really gotta get the rest of these sets, as they are really cheap to buy.
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    Awesome review. I love these guides of yours. They are the next best thing to having a Troma Rejects marathon at casa billy.

    And "Fertilize The Blaspheming Bombshell" cracks me up. :lol:
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    Thanks for the comments :) For the hell of it, here's a ranking from "Best" to "Worst":

    1. Chillers #2
    2. Mommy's Epitaph #7
    3. Play Dead #7
    4. Nightmare Weekend #5
    5. Dead Dudes In The House #6
    6. Beyond Evil #2
    7. Croaked: Frog Monster From Hell #3
    8. The Dark Side Of Midnight #5
    9. Video Demons Do Psychotown #3
    10. Scream, Baby, Scream #4
    11. Nightfall #5
    12. Stuff Stephanie In The Incinerator #4
    13. Curse Of The Cannibal Confederates #1
    14. Horror Of The Hungry Humongous Hungan #3
    15. Fertilize The Blaspheming Bombshell #4
    16. Death By Dialogue #7
    17. Demented Death Farm Massacre: The Movie #1
    18. The Newlydeads #6
    19. Evil Clutch #2
    20. Deadly Daphne's Revenge #1
    21. Space Zombie Bingo #6
    ... or "Best" to "Worst" sets:
    1. #5 (Nightmare Weekend, The Dark Side Of Midnight, Nightfall)
    2. #7 (Mommy's Epitaph, Play Dead, Death By Dialogue)
    3. #2 (Chillers, Beyond Evil, Evil Clutch)
    4. #3 (Croaked: Frog Monster From Hell, Video Demons Do Psychotown, Horror Of The Hungry Humongous Hungan)
    5. #4 (Scream Baby Scream, Stuff Stephanie In The Incinerator, Fertilize The Blaspheming Bombshell)
    6. #6 (Dead Dudes In The House, The Newlydeads, Space Zombie Bingo)
    7. #1 (Curse Of The Cannibal Confederates, Demented Death Farm Massacre: The Movie, Deadly Daphne's Revenge)
    Still not sure? Maybe my MOLD Award winners & nominees will convince ya:

    MOLD Award Winners:

    DEATH BY DIALOGUE - Best Action Sequence
    MOMMY'S EPITAPH - Best Female Performance
    HORROR OF THE HUNGRY HUMONGOUS HUNGAN - Most Non-Threatening Villain

    MOLD Award Nominees:

    PLAY DEAD - Best Female Performance / Best Movie
    CROAKED: FROG MONSTER FROM HELL - Best Fight Sequence / Best Male Performance / Most Non-Threatening Villain / Best Director / Best Movie

    If that won't help I dunno what ;)
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    Ugh! I watched that one again a few weeks ago, and honestly hated it just as much as the first time I watched it on VHS.
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    I don't think I'd be able to rank them all from best to worst.Space Zombie Bingo definitely belongs at the bottom though.:nervous:
    Before I bought these sets I had only seen Beyond Evil and Nightmare Weekend both I used to have on VHS.
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