The Prowler kicks ass!!!

Discussion in 'Slashers' started by Joel Groce, Nov 30, 2001.

  1. Joel Groce

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    Just saw "The Prowler" finally after ordering the VHS and was pleased with the "Savini effectsfest" I had been hearing about. The ending had this great surreal feel to it along with giving that last shock to the system and putting that final smile on my face. This needs to be on DVD! Does anyone know current status of this film or who holds the rights currently? Now I will have to check out that other Lustig picture, Maniac!
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    The Prowler is by Joseph Zito, of Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter fame, but no worries :)

    I really liked The Prowler too, the effects were great, and they really did a good job at recreating a 50's setting, especially considering its miniscule budget.

    If you liked the shotgun blast in The Prowler, wait until you see the one Savini did in Maniac!
  3. Joel Groce

    Joel Groce Guest

    Yeah, getting my "maniacs" and "prowlers" mixed - thanx for the heads up. I have been wanting to check out "Maniac" for awhile - especially now that it's on DVD, but have been hesitant due to the misogynistic bent I've heard about. I remember seeing this huge poster of the film among others hanging from a mall ceiling (along with "Omen III" and "Road Games") as a youngun and gazing wide-eyed at the tagline - "I warned you not to go out tonight!".
  4. just the way a slasher movie should be.

    Living in the UK, the only version of Rosamary's Killer / The Prowler ever released (on the EV label), was shorn of almost every gore scene - apart from Farley Granger's head blasting. So naturally, as an avid collecter / Savini fan , I had to get an uncut version. I ordered the cassette from Holland twice - and twice it was nabbed by customs, who also sent a charming warning regarding importation of 'obscene material' - But who cares about those assholes, I got it by other means - and it was well worth it. Pitchforkings, skull stabbings, bayonet throat-cutting, and shitty rock 'n' roll band - awesome stuff, and essential for any self-respecting slasher movie / Savini fan. More corpses per square inch than a morgue.
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    A little while ago I saw an interesting bit of news regarding THE PROWLER. Don May Jr. recently reported on Mobius HVF that while doing some telecine work on one of his upcoming releases, he spotted the original elements for this movie lying around the studio. Apparently some company (he didn't find out who) is preparing a DVD release!
  6. Awesome - Monday just got a little better. Forget all about big budget Hollywood garbage, and forget about street level Brit shit too. The Prowler, Maniac, Creepshow, The Burning - this is what it's all about.

    Scream is for folks who know not what they do. I Know What You Did Last Summer is for people who like Scream! Trash trash trash!
    Word of the day - 'Savini'
  7. JoeLeo74

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    I agree The Prowler kicks ASS!

    One of the best slasher movies ever made, with exceptional effects work by Savini.

    What a crime this movie is not out on dvd yet.

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  8. Ditto! - Is anyone gonna release The Prowler soon?
    Some 'making-of' footage would be cool. The only footage I've ever managed to catch was on the Fangoria Scream Greats cassette.
  9. Vdlman

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    I heard that Tom Savini confirmed in a recent chat that a DVD of The Prowler is definitely in the works. He said it will have a commentary, a making-of, and a photo gallery. Supposedly, Bill Lustig's company Blue Underground owns the rights. I also heard that they'll either be releasing it by themselves or through Anchor Bay. This is great news!
  10. JoeLeo74

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    This is GREAT NEWS!!

    With Bill and AB involved this dvd will turn out beautiful...

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  11. AceRimRat

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    Live in hope.

    I love this film - I hope whoever comes out with it does justice to the great effects. I hope if Savini's involved, he sees that it gets the TLC it deserves.


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