The Intruder (2019)

Discussion in 'General' started by chancetx, May 2, 2019.

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    This one seemed to come out of nowhere. I only heard about it from a friend this week and it opens Thursday. Looks like one of those 90s-style thrillers - kind of Pacific Heights meets Unlawful Entry. Does anyone know anything about it?

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    First time hearing of this one. Seems like a good cast. The lead actress is in that older Minority Report TV show that I want to check out. She's hot. I've seen her in a few other movies before. The lead actor was in a cancelled sci-fi TV show as well. I can't remember the name of it right now.

    I like Pacific Heights too. That's a classic one. Unlawful Entry was kind of good for the two main actors. But maybe I'm just not up for home invasion type movies right now and I'm not jumping to see this one.

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    I'm surprised neither of you had heard of this one because they have played the trailer before every movie I've seen this year. I'm glad the movie is finally out so I don't have to see the trailer again.

    Finally caught up with the movie today and honestly, I probably could have settled for the trailer. It's not very good. If you've seen When The Bough Breaks, No Good Deed, Obsessed, The Perfect Guy, etc you've already seen this movie. There's no twists, shocks, or surprises, as the formula is strictly adhered to. We were spoiled with movies like Greta or Bad Samaritan that take the formula and hit the ground running. This one goes back to the Lifetime formula where they can't have anything too crazy happen before the one hour mark. In fact, most of the action here is saved for the last 15 minutes. It does end on a high note, as the punchline in the final seconds of the movie is the only time it elevates above the bare minimum.

    Reasons to see the movie:
    1. Dennis Quaid's fleeting moments of lunacy, specifically one involving licking.
    2. Megan Goode's hair is a loving homage to Single White Female.
    3. Gorgeous location and easy to look at. Shot by Daniel Pearl.

    I'd probably skip it unless you're super into those PG-13 Sony thrillers I listed above.

    The AMC theater here put it in the largest non-IMAX auditorium they have (which is surprising considering Endgame and Pikachu are also playing), and I had the entire screening to myself. It was lovely. So I can't say I regret going.
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