The Hitcher... a true masterpiece!

Discussion in 'Reader Reviews' started by Cujo108, Apr 5, 2003.

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    THE HITCHER is simply one of the most amazing and effective films I've ever witnessed, and just about everything in the movie is spectacular in my opinion. It is my THIRD favorite film of all time, and is a masterpiece on all fronts! I have always viewed the film in the way that John Ryder might not be a normal human, and we don't know exactly what he is. This is why him shooting down a helicopter doesn't bother me in the slightest. There are several other people who feel this way as well, as I've seen some reviews on the IMDB mention it. Also, Hauer is just so absolutely perfect in this role, managing to be extremely creepy, convincingly psychotic and sadistic, and also very myterious. Quite simply, I think it is easily his greatest performance to date.

    The film's score is also very moody and effective, and it compliments the film perfectly. It douses the film in a sense of dread, as well as a sense of the unkown. It is one of my favorite scores in any film.

    When I first saw this film many years ago, I was simply in awe as each scene unfolded, and I honestly think every single scene in this film is either downright spectacular, compelling, terrifying, suspensful, disturbing, or even saddening. Every scene also unfolds perfectly, and the film just effects me like no other has.

    My favorite scene in the film (which is saying something, as every scene is pure gold to me) is definitely the disturbing, yet very saddening scene where the poor police dog is sadly licking his dead master. That little scene is just so very powerful for me.

    Also, the Texas desert setting is perfectly desolate and lonely, and it is the perfect background for the horror that takes place. The desert is practically a character itself in this film.

    Anyhow, as I said, this my third favorite film of all time, and I could easily watch it every day without getting the least bit bored. On a scale of * to *****, this gem easily gets a perfect ***** from me!
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    Right on Cujo! Hitcher is first rate thriller all the way!
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    I agree, Great Movie. Hauer's best preformance for me:banana: :banana:
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    i gotta see this, i was bidding on a copy of it from ebay but it got a bit too pricey
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    It's a damn fine movie that deserves far more attention. :banana:
  6. A great movie!

    Hauer was perfect in this movie.

    Out of curiosity Cujo, what are your 2 other favorite movies of all time?
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    I already posted this in another Hitcher thread. If you can play pal,RC2 discs you should try to get your hands on the german 2 disc SE. The movie is presented in it's oar 2,35:1 (anamorphic) and features a good DD 5.1mix.
    Disc 1:
    - feature length audio commentary by director Robert Harmon and screenwriter Eric Red

    - scene specific audio commentary by actors Rutger Hauer & C. Thomas Howell, director Robert Harmon, screenwriter Eric Red, producer Ed Feldman, director of photography John Seale, composer Mark Isham

    Disc 2:
    - "The Hitcher: How do these movies get made?" an brand new 38 minute documentary about the making of the movie incl. interviews with actors Rutger Hauer & C. Thomas Howell, director Robert Harmon, screenwriter Eric Red, producer Ed Feldman, director of photography John Seale, composer Mark Isham

    - Rutger Hauer's directorial debut short film "The Room" (10 minutes)

    - audio commentary by Rutger Hauer for his short film "The Room"

    - Robert Harmon's first short movie "China Lake" (32 minutes)

    - audio commentary by Robert Harmon for his short film "China Lake"

    - script excerpts of the deleted scenes

    - extensive filmographies

    - Trailer A

    - Trailer B

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    I feel like such a fool, but I havent seen this movie. I've seen the DVD around a lot but never picked it up. And I've been hearing good wordofmouth about it for a while now. Assuming I can find it relatively cheap, I'll snag a copy whenever I can.
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    People liked seeing the movie but when they say their opinion, they say otherwise. This movie would have been better if they didn't show what happened to that girl. I think this movie is close to perfect but it goes into other directions.
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    hauer's best performance is roy batty, i have a shirt to prove it
  11. its a damn good movie a must see.
  12. Cujo108

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    The other two are the masterpieces that are REQUIEM FOR A DREAM and MULHOLLAND DR.
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    Translation pieced together through Facebook and Google Translate.


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