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Discussion in 'Reader Reviews' started by RyanPC, Apr 20, 2003.

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    Here is my review for The Grim Reaper:

    I cannot say much about the late "Joe D'Amato" (his real name is Aristide Massaccessi), except that The Grim Reaper (aka Anthropophagus) is the only film directed by him that I have seen. And, although I cannot say the film is great, it does hold some promise. I haven't seen the uncut version, which is supposed to contain the really gory scenes such as the killer tearing a fetus from a pregnant woman and eating it, and the killer eating his own intestines at the end. The only version I have seen is this butchered version, The Grim Reaper, which is currently the only way to see Anthropophagus at all in the U.S. Digital Versatile Disc, a company that I have never heard of (and that supposedly makes cheap, bare bones DVDs and sells them for a lot of money) has released the cut version in a cheap, ugly pan & scan format. Let's see how the film and the DVD turns out.

    The Plot

    A group of tourists, along with a woman named Julia (Tisa Farrow) who is catching a ride with them, become trapped on a deserted Greek island after their boat drifts away in the middle of the ocean. Julia, who has friends living on the island, suggests that they all go to her friend's house to stay until morning. When they get there, they realize no one is home, but decide to stay anyway. After a few scares during a thunderstorm, and a couple disappearances, they decide that they must leave as soon as possible, for fear that this "maniac" will come to get them. Well, guess what? He does come to get them, and kills them off one by one. Who will survive? You have to watch the movie to find out!

    First of all, I have to say that I didn't much care for this movie. The pace was way too slow and sometimes it was just plain boring. Although there were a few good shocks, it just didn't hold my interest. I'm sure that the uncut version (which I am dying to see) is much better, since it seems to be a fan favorite, but I don't recommend the cut version-- it will just bore you to tears. Maybe if the whole movie were like the second half of the film (which is quite exciting) it might be better. And I don't blame this because of the gore that was cut-- a film can still be successful without the gore. It just wasn't that interesting. All I can say is that this film could have been so much better, and that overall it was a disappointment.

    There were a couple good things about it, though. For one thing, people complain about all the gore that was cut, but they don't realize that there still is plenty gore, at least in my opinion. I was surprised, since I thought the whole film would be dry, but there were some very juicy parts, I must admit. Not the worst I have seen, but still surprising. Also, the killer is not like other killers... he is almost like a zombie, but I think he is alive. I don't know what he is, but the mystery of it all is intriguing. And the dubbing isn't all that bad either. I must say the music was annoying at times, but not the worst I have heard.

    This film didn't really cut it for me, but it is worth at least a viewing, to see if it suits your tastes. I really want to find the uncut version, though. I must warn you that any version you see entitled The Grim Reaper is cut, so beware.

    Rating: 2/5

    Video Quality

    There isn't much for me to say about the video quality except that it is about the equivalent of a VHS. The least they could have done was put it in widescreen, but instead it is in the dreaded pan & scan format. I hate to admit it, though, but for pan & scan, it really isn't all that bad. The colors stand out, although at times the picture is of varying quality. But it is barely acceptable. They should know by now that collectors don't want a pan & scan DVD and that widescreen is the only acceptable format. Then again, that kind of ignorance is to be expected from cheapy companies such as this.

    Rating: 1.5/5

    Sound Quality

    The sound isn't any better than the picture. I am guessing that it is Mono, but it doesn't say. Once again, it is just like watching a VHS. They could and should have done better than this.

    Rating: 1.5/5

    Special Features

    Well, this is where we have hit the jackpot! Guess what we get tonight, folks? A great big NOTHING. This DVD doesn't even have a menu, let alone special features. Tsk, tsk! Shame on you!

    Rating: 0/5


    Well, the cut version of the film is not very interesting, and is worth probably a viewing or two. Digital Versatile Disc is not a company to be trusted, either-- I paid almost $25 on for this disc that has poor picture quality, poor sound, and no extras! I checked recently and they even lowered the price to $10!! Boy, was I upset when I saw that. Horrible disc, not recommended at all.

    Overall Rating: 1.5/5
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    you're beginning to get a rep for buying overpriced DVDs man,
    i bought this years ago for around $15 and i was pissed off back then!
    good review, my thoughts exactly, although i dug all the music
  3. RyanPC

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    I know... I was a sucker... but now I know better! :banana:
  4. Andrew

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    Get BEYOND THE DARKNESS, it's awesome. Still waiting for an uncut release till I pick this one up though.
  5. RyanPC

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    Yeah, I heard that BEYOND THE DARKNESS was awesome. After I pick up A Virgin Among the Living Dead and The Giallo Collection, I really want to get this one! :)

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