the Carpenter!!! Kick's @$$

Discussion in 'Slashers' started by Doyel, Jul 5, 2001.

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    Hey all I was wondering how many of you saw and liked this little Canadian low-budget Horror film!!!???!!!

    The plot is as follows: A young woman who just had a nervous break down is released from a metal institute is embrassed by her perfect Hubby and a new home!!! One thing is this perfect home to be is a fixer upper and the couple hires some of the town's drunken abusive carpenter's to finish the house!!! Eveything is going great untill the loosely sane wife meets a hansome strong Night Carpenter:rolleyes: !!! The husband is away on one of his buisness ventures (that's what put her in the nuthouse Talking to her self!!!) that alway's come first!!!

    Well slowly things get pretty grim as on of the hired help tries to rape the wife The Night Carpenter step's in and uses a circular saw to remove his arms then when his dead body is on the floor the Carpenter chat's to the wife while he put's a few DRILL BITS IN HIS BODY:eek: (as she watches in enjoyment!!!)

    My Comments: This film rawks :cool: I loved every gruesome and blood soaked minute!!! I think this film sooo needs more recognition!!! I recommend to any one who like's gore, violence and slasher's in general!!! A very pleased :) !!! Doyel !!!
  2. Carpenter.

    The Carpenter isn't just anybody - it's Wings Hauser in his signature role!
    I liked this movie when I saw it when it was new.
    Haven't seen it since.
    ...Not sure I'd like to see it now, as a grown-up...
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    Wow just watched this, it's an excellent movie and Wings Hauser is great (as sometimes) I love how he saws the guys arms off without beating an eye.

  4. Is this on DVD
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    Yeah, THE CARPENTER is one of my favorites! The always wacky Wings Hauser is Great in this film, and there are some bloody moments to be had as well. I picked up this one at the used Video Shop awhile back, if you get it, make sure that you pick up the Unrated VHS of the film!!
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    i thought the carpenter was kind of crappy but it does have some cool moments but avoid this crappy movie
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    I remember loving this one-it's always great to see Wings go nuts, and it had some decent gore as well as I remember. I'd love to see it on DVD!

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