Suspiria/Opera failures

Discussion in 'General' started by thrashard76, Sep 26, 2001.

  1. thrashard76

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    I have had problems with both Suspiria LE and Opera LE. The Opera LE wouldn't work in my PS2 or computer. It played through the opening Anchor Bay screen and then nothing. The Suspiria LE plays up to the finger nail painting scene and then "wham", it gets real pixilated. Colored blocks all over the place with a faint outline of the actual movie still in progress. The sound seemed ok though. If you try to skip scenes up or back afterwards it continues to be pixilated. The only thing I can do to remedy the situation is reboot the PS2 and then skip that one scene. Everything is fine from then on. This is just totally destroys the time I plan on spending watching the movie because it's always the same problem.
    Does anyone know if Anchor Bay will recall the Suspiria LE movie disks? They should because there are more people than just me upset at this outrageous disaster. I own lots of non-problematic Anchor Bay movies but Suspiria and Opera are the first ones in which I am truly disgusted with the final product. Some kind of action must be made. For those who have a clean copy, Congrats!

  2. Just to let 'youse' guys know....

    My Suspiria: LE played all the way through & worked just fine on my 1st generation RCA 5500P model! I was a bit paranoid watching it the 1st time 'cause of all the mixed reports I've been hearing about bad 'Suspiria' discs, but no complaints or errors to report here!
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    Aug 1, 2001
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    suspiria also played well for me in both my dvd rom (which is integrated into my wife's tecra notebook) and my pioneer dv-343. i haven't bought opera yet, but i'm going to soon, recalls be damned. i'll chance it....
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    I was having problems with my Suspiria: LE disc, too. It would freeze-up off & on and sometimes freeze the entire player up all-together. This would only happen after the scene where Sara gets her throat slashed. It would happen randomly after that.

    The weirdest thing was it wouldn't happen in the same place twice. It would happen and the next time I'd view it, it wouldn't happen. WEIRD. The 'making-of' disc and soundtrack played fine without any problems.

    Anyway, I called Anchor Bay and they were no help, so I just sent it back for a replacement. I'm still waiting for the replacement to arrive. :(

    - Jay
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    Jul 12, 2001
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    My Suspiria LE disc also pixelates on my PS2 but on my Pioneer, Toshiba, and Panasonic players the disc plays just fine. I wonder what's going on there?


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