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    Sadomania (1981) *** What can I say about this one? Pure cheese from beginning to end! It really was a lot of fun, but I didn't give it a higher rating because of the many flaws throughout. It wasn't nearly as enjoyable as I thought it was going to be, but it's worthy of the spot it has in my collection.

    SADOMANIA is about a couple of newlyweds, Olga and Michael, who are traveling along the desert and accidentally trespass on the property of Magda Urtado (Ajita Wilson), who is the directress of a boot camp of sorts, where the women are treated as slaves and are half naked at all times. Magda keeps Olga in captivity while Michael is free to go, but that won't be the last time we see him, believe me, as later on in the film he plans an escape for Olga. She goes to work with the other girls (most of which are very lovely) out in the hot desert, and from there the plot just goes out in all different directions. There is a couple subplots in which a few of the workers are sent out to be hookers, one where a worker participates in a deadly game of cat and mouse, and one where the Governor (Antonio Mayans, billed as Robert Foster) is having trouble getting it on with his wife so he buys a couple of the workers to help him... uh, perform. Oh, and don't let me forget the scene where the Governor is finally able to do the nasty with his wife, but only while watching one of the females be raped by a dog(!). That scene and plenty more will be offered for your cheesy viewing pleasure by director Jess Franco, who also stars in the movie as an obviously gay man. One simply cannot take this film seriously, and when it comes right down to it, I suppose the dubbing is partly to blame for that. It takes away any tone of seriousness that might have once been there and gives SADOMANIA an almost campy feel.

    The film is nearly bloodless, but trust me, there's plenty of action in the intercourse department, if you know what I mean. None of it is really hardcore, but there are a few questionable moments. It's really hard to tell if the acting is good, but the late Ajita Wilson (who was once a man in real life) definitely has a presence- she owns this film and it almost certainly would not be the same without her.

    A film that isn't for everyone, SADOMANIA is recommended if you are into this sort of thing. It's enjoyable in a bizarre, campy sort of way, most of the love scenes (particularly the lesbian ones) are quite erotic, and a lot of the women are gorgeous, but if you go into this expecting something serious and bloody, you'll be disappointed. Recommended for Franco fans!
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    Cool review. I have been wanting to check this out for a while. I'm gonna get on that. Thanks.
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    You mean the dog rape scene is not bloody? Damn :cry:
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    Did you know that in the scene where Jess is sodomized by a black man, that's really Ajita wearing a fake mustache? They show a picture of them close up on the Sadomaniac featurette on the DVD (which is a great interview, btw).

    Jess Franco kicks major ass! :)

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