Review: Campbell's Chunky Soup: Beef Sirloin

Discussion in 'Reader Reviews' started by Lyle Horowitz, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Nemesis

    Nemesis Guest

    do you guys have 2 minute noodles over there?? how do you all have them?

    i normally boil them with about 3/4 of the flavouring.. then i strain ALL the water out and pour the last of the flavour powder over them mix it up and enjoy :)

    also its very important you dont over cook them,.. i prefer under cooked than over cooked.. soggy noodles = blargh.. i also tend to eat a lot at a time.. i think my record is around 6 packets at once... yes i'm a pig ;)
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  2. betterdan

    betterdan Guest

    I boil the noodles till done (again DO NOT overcook them blech) then I drain all the water off and then stir in the flavor from the pouches sometimes with butter. I usually eat 2 packs of ramen noodles at a time.
  3. Nemesis

    Nemesis Guest

    ah ramen must be your normal brand of 2 minute noodles over there i'm guessing :p

    never thought of adding butter.. do you add the butter AND the flavour? or just one or the other?
  4. moogong

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    I am with you on the Nong Shim! My usual breakfast consists of an EAS protein shake and a kim chi bowl...I never grow tired of it. A local asian market sells me a case of 30 bowls for $26...not a bad deal.
  5. betterdan

    betterdan Guest

    Yep butter and the flavor. Sour cream is good on them too :)
  6. Nemesis

    Nemesis Guest

    thgat EAS protein shake must set you back a pretty penny

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