Region Free Hack for Samsung 709

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  1. I realize this is a really specific topic but I was so goddamned excited to get my kickass DVD player to become Region Free that I figured I would post this in case others with my DVD player want this info. It's REALLY easy, heres how you do it:

    1. remove any discs from your 709 and power the player up

    2. press REPEAT on the Samsung remote control

    3. enter the following numbers: 29334 (for Region 1, a list of other regions follows)

    a number will appear in the top left corner of your TV screen - this number represents the current region setting of the player (e.g. for region 2 you will see 02)

    4. now press the number of the region you would like your 709 to become:

    1. 1 = region 1
    2. 2 = region 2
    3. 9 = region free setting (probably the best unless you've got an RCE region 1 disc)

    5. press the OPEN/CLOSE button on the front of your 709 (you HAVE to do this or it will not work)

    6. press the red DVD POWER button on the Samsung remote

    7. power the player back on and insert a disc of your choice

    Codes for other regions are as follows:

    r2 = 38767
    r3 = 56732
    r4 = 76884
    r5 = 53814
    r6 = 24462

    Hope this helps somebody

    Hoodoo Operator
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    Can the player play PAL discs?
  3. To be honest I truly dont know.


    Hoodoo Operator
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    Yes, it will play PAL discs just fine, but it will not convert the signal to NTSC. You still need a converter or a PAL television. I have the same situation with a Koss player I picked up for about $50. Hell of a bargain, and all my imports are region 3 NTSC, anyways. The only problem is you need the specific remote for these players to do this crack, and mine crapped out. D'oh.

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