Question regarding the movie "The Attic Expeditions"

Discussion in 'General' started by Funktion, Jan 18, 2001.

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    Last year I downloaded a trailer for a movie called "The Attic Expeditions", which featured Jeffrey Combs (I love this guy...), Seth Green, Andras Jones (from "ANOES IV" & "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama"), Ted Raimi, Alice Cooper & an actress from "Twin Peaks" (I don't recall her name).

    This movie was supposed to be released just before last year's Halloween, but I've never seen any aditional info about it.

    Does anyone know if:
    -was it released to the cinemas, has it was planned?
    -is it going direct-to-video/dvd (any release date)?

    I wonder what the hell happened to this movie (it seemed cool)...
  2. yea, me too! i was looking forward to this film! I want to know where it disapeared to!
  3. I finally saw this movie. It definately calls back to a very different day in horror films. As of yet I believe it has no distributer and hasn't been realeased.
    - It's very inspired by the effectiveness of 80s horror movies. While this works for it in tremendous ways, it also kncoks it down a bit. Some themes seem outdated (way over & poorly done). There is a "black magic" element that I thought did nothing for the film. If anything, it took away from it.
    In contrast, it was very cerebral at times. These are my favorite parts of the film. I was thoroughly impressed with this. It actually made me wonder what the fuck was going on (unlike many dull fims as of late). I would be so happy if the horror genre actually started to shape the hell up, and I think this film is one of those that will lead it in that direction.
    Jeffrey Combs was awesome! I mean, I am convinced now more than ever that this guy is way underrated! His character was so realistic. And Seth Green was damn good, too. There is a great scene where he's just walking around a room contiuosly talking, and it's all one shot! It's impressive. Wendy Robie from the People Under the Stairs is also in this film, and she puts in a great performance as well. Very creepy, she is.
    All and all if I were to rate this film I'd give it a B- and would say all horror fans must check it out. What it did not do for me in parts, it may do for you ten times over.
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    where did you catch the flick?

    JOHN DOE Guest

    I guess I'll have to rent it when it comes out.
  6. I saw a test screener of it.
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    Ted Raimi said at the Saturn Awards that it should be out this October.

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