Predator (Original Movie) Limited Map Poster by Laurie Greasley

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    I'm going to pick up this limited edition Predator map poster.


    With the new movie coming out and recent news I decided that it's time. I'm surprised that it hasn't sold out yet. But I didn't want it to sell out and go up in price because of interest in Predator items. Besides I do love that opening scene and briefing in the movie. I wish the artist did a bit more with the text from the map shown in the movie. But it's still cool.

    Limited to 300 but 18 x 24. A few of these similar map style posters with hidden characters go for a lot. There was this Jaws one and a few others that I can't remember.


    I still want a good poster that has both Predator 1 & 2. Also an Alien & Aliens poster for that matter. There are a few good series posters for popular movies like the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies. But I might have to find an artist myself at this point as I haven't seen anyone try to even make a Predator 2 poster. But I'll have 2 of 4 on my Alien and Predator artwork for my beginning setup. I got this Aliens artwork a while ago. It's only flaw is the Queen hanging from the dropship when it glows in the dark.

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