Pieces (Grindhouse Edition)

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  1. Pieces. 1982 "You don't need to go to texas for a chainsaw massacre"
    Starring: Edward Purdom, Christopher George, Lynda Day George and Paul Smith.

    Plot: As the film opens we see a child playing with a seemingly innocent enough puzzle, as we see him putting pieces into their respective places we realize he's piecing together a naked woman. He seems avid to finish so he can look at her fully exposed body, carefully fitting in another of the interlocking pieces we see a woman enter. She is suddenly shocked to see what exactly her son is playing with, quickly she goes from a nice looking woman to something entirely else.

    The woman suddenly snaps and yanks her son back violently, seemingly the boys father had been an adulter' and I'm assuming left her for a younger woman. Her anger rises and she throws a picture of the boys father into a bedroom mirror startling the young boy, afterwhich she demands he "go get a bag to junk this stuff stupid". She turns and is violently murdered in ultra gory fashion with an axe and we see the boy begin to saw his mother apart with a hacksaw. Another woman approaches the door with some policemen saying that she heard screaming, and hopes that everything is alright.

    Two policemen burst into a room drenched in blood, one making a comment about how it "looks as if an animal was butchered in here". The young boy burst's out of the closet crying and saying a "big man, big man killed mommy"
    and thus we cut to present dayon a campus. Seems the grown up killer is lurking around a collage campus offing nubile young women with a ever so gnarly chainsaw, and in a disturbing turn stealing body parts . Its up to a cigar-chompin seasoned detective, an tennis-pro turned undercover cop along with some help from the campus stud Kendal to solve the brutal murders before the killer can complete his rampage.

    Could the killer be the hulking evil-eyed gardener who roams around cutting bushes with his chainsaw? Or maybe its the seemingly withdrawn anatomy professor? Maybe its the uptight campus dean? How many Pieces will go missing before the police can solve this horrible crime???

    Review: This film is one hell of a goodtime for us horror fans, and its got alot of good stuff going for it. Although its not a Giallo it has throwbacks to the genre like the leather gloves, stalking of the victims, seemingly stupid cops, red herrings, and a trenchcoat wearing psycho with a chainsaw as his main method of carving up co-eds. Its also part slasher film pairing equal parts bad comedic elements and extremely nasty over the top gore effects, with great success. Possibly one of the best 80's slashers ever made this is one that all fans of grindhouse cinema can enjoy, or fans of slashers or Eurohorror for that matter.

    The pacing is really well done, the film opens with a bang and carries its momentum well up to the gory finale. Rarely dragging its feet is what makes this so much more effective then other slashers where it picks up then drags slower then a mummies wrappings. Also the bad comedic elements actually work cause their so bad their actually funny, I don't think its intentional but it works either way. Nudity is also no rarity in this one as we see both full frontal male and full frontal female aswell as titties galor. Hell theirs even a scene where a topless girl runs for her life from the killer as he chases right on her heels with a roaring chainsaw, only to take sactuary behind wooden doors :).

    The gore effects steal the show! Theirs axes coming down on heads, dissmemberments, stabbings, beheadings all accompanied by gallons of blood and real animal organs used to full effect. A woman is even sawed right in half in one of the goriest aftermaths in horror history. Theirs very little that this film doesn't have covered on all the fronts, about the only place it seems handicapped is by the performances (which are anything from good to just plain awful) and the halfbaked plot that comes off rather... well... halfbaked.
    Scoring is average and doesn't really add or subtrack from the film.

    Anyways, If you think this is sounding like your cup of tea turn this mother out it is one of my favourites. First seeing this in its cut form as a teenager while drunk might have effected my opinions of it, but man this is a hell of a ride. Its funny, its gory, its nasty and doesn't play by conventional rules. Its so sleazy and yet very fun at the same time...you don't always need plot to make a film work and this is sheer proof. I give this a 8 out of 10 :-D AKA B rating.

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    I saw this film during it's original theatrical run. Haven't seen it since though.

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  3. Its a fun time, leave your brain at the door and crack a cold one kinda film. You should man, the theatrical cut was butchered like no tomorro barely any gore. The new Grindhouse release has all the gore scenes uncut, it should be fun as long as you don't go into it expecting a complex story and deep artistic imagery.
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    Someone mentioned this somewhere else, but I can't find it for some reason. WTF is up with the Grindhouse Pieces and putting the layer change right in the middle of the elevator death scene? Whomever decided to do that was a friggin dummy.

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