Phantasm 4K restoration

Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Dec 13, 2015.

By Dave on Dec 13, 2015 at 3:08 PM
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    Aint It Cool News is reporting that Phantasm is currently undergoing a 4K restoration and that JJ Abrams' company, Bad Robot, is involved. Apparently part of the reason for Phantasm V Ravager's delay is Coscarelli being heavily involved with the restoration. Follow the link for the complete article and two screen shots from the restored print.
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With this news, are you okay waiting on Ravager?

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Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Dec 13, 2015.

    1. X-human
      Ah, that makes more sense. It happens now and then with MPEG2 used on DVD. I've yet to see it on MPEG4 or AVC used on Blu-rays though.

      Get what you pay for with DVD. ;)
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    2. KGBRadioMoskow
      Merits a fix, though. Being on DVD rather than Blu isn't an excuse for that level of picture flaws.
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    3. DVD-fanatic-9
      Aren't the only Blu's of Friday the 13th in region 1 the one with 10% or more of the movie chopped off? Did Blu ever come along and fix that A Nightmare on Elm Street problem with the deleting of the stinger audio cues?
    4. Matt89
      I'm not sure what to make of Friday the 13th and its framing issues, or whether they're even issues at all. The movie was shot 4x3 and expected to be matted to 1.85:1. The interesting thing is that all R-rated prints have the same framing and all of the uncut prints have the same "cropped" framing. Who knows which one is more correct but it certainly doesn't take away from the viewing experience. It's one of those things that you'd only notice when you directly compare the two transfers, it's not like it's extremely glaring when you watch the disc on its own. Matted widescreen is always iffy. As long as the film isn't completely misframed I think the difference in framing is often negligible.

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    5. DVD-fanatic-9

      I call that an issue if you sacrifice all of that lopped off film for a total of maybe 12 seconds of additional footage. (I say that because Paramount's standalone 1999 disc of the film seems to play Annie's death uncut without the rest of the scene being as cut / tight as the 2009 transfer.) Also, I've seen the film more than 30 times and have compared it directly. Several times. So... yeah, I fit your description of someone for whom this is an issue. I know when the camera is too tight (especially in Marcie's death scene). I know how much of the diner scene we're supposed to be seeing. Etc. And with Blu, you never get any of that back.

      Meanwhile, I also have the Uncut DVD anyway. So, if I'm curious- I have all of the above. Because, I am thorough. And I'm dedicated. And with DVD, I have options. I can even go back and forth.

      So... maybe all this attitude I'm getting from Blu-or-die folk here really isn't warranted. I never once said I was a better person because I prefer to have options. If Blu solved every problem, I would switch digital religions already. And, frankly, this issue of Phantasm is a fluke. So, again DVD would provide me an adequate fix option if it weren't for a programming issue. I'm not fucking stupid for sticking with DVD.
    6. X-human
      Sorry, you can't shrug off Phantasm as a fluke and then cite F13 as reason enough to forego an entire format.

      You're isolating yourself if you stick to DVD only. Going Blu-ray give you more options not less. Doesn't mean you have to give up DVD. Blu-ray players can play DVD's after all. And there are region free DVD players that do PAL conversion.

      But hey, you can sit back, wait a few months and when the spring UHD models come out you can probably snatch up so real good UHD deal or two and leap frog some of these other guys. I just bought Dawn of the Dead UHD because I waited out on Dawn Blu-ray for a fresh transfer that never happened
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    7. shithead
      It's only missing on the surround track.

      The original unmolested mono is also included on the Blu.
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