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Discussion in 'Asian Horror and Other Pleasures' started by dvdasia62, Aug 12, 2002.

  1. dvdasia62

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    Well, since HKFlix acknowledged that the Universe pressing of "Inner Senses" was defective, they told me to send it back and they will send me a replacement DVD of any title I choose as long as it is the exact same price. Scouring through their site, there was not many titles that fell into that price range that I found interesting, until, I came across this title which is brand new from Korea:



    LIST: $20.99
    YOU SAVE 29%! Availability: 1-2 Days - Usually ships within 1-2 business days.
    Film Director(s): Park Jong-Won
    Released: 2002 [Korea]
    Genre: Horror
    Sub-Genre: Thriller

    REGIONAL CODING: This DVD is encoded for Region 3 and may not play in DVD players outside Region 3. HKFlix.com does not accept returns for region incompatibility. If you want to play DVDs from anywhere in the world, we strongly recommend that you purchase one of our JVC or Malata DVD players.

    Overview: The 2002 World Cup Games and a serial murder… This unlikely pair gets entangled in PARK Jong-won’s brand new entry. Murders are committed in seven rooms during the 2-hour quarterfinal match between Korea and Japan. However, the occupants at this villa aren’t characters from a future world but are real, everyday people. They are: a young man who came to the villa to find the weapon he lost in an internet game; a teenager with the knack for having sex with someone her father’s age; delinquent high school kids making a buck by capturing carnal images on their candid camera; a couple engaged in an illicit affair; a fund manager slowly turning evil with his involvement in murders; and a sales lady who pours dirt into a water reservoir to sell her water purifier… These are everyday people from the pages of daily news, and Paradise Villa depicts the revealing process of their lunatic and violent instincts.

    Cast: Cho Han-Jun, Ha Yu-Mi, Lee Jin-Wu, Choi Jong-Won, Kim Hak-Cheol

    Running Time: 90 mins.

    Language(s): Korean, Mandarin

    Subtitles: ENGLISH, Chinese

    Distributor: International Film Limited [A Hong Kong-Based Distributor]

    Rating: UN - "Unrated. This film has not been rated by the review board."

    Features: Letterboxed; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

    So, I've decided that "Paradise Villa" will replace my defective "Inner Senses" disc. Sounds good to me! :)
  2. LJMurder

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    actually, that does sound kind of good. I'm so glad Korean cinema has been getting so good lately. tell me you've seen Volcano High. it's so good
  3. dvdasia62

    dvdasia62 Guest

    Actually, I haven't seen "Volcano high" though other people have also told me that it is quite good. Just a little sidenote about "Paradise Villa". After I posted this, I found out that there is a Korean version that is much better then the HK release. The Korean version is $7 more, at least at HKFlix, but it boasts an anamorphic widescreen transfer and most importantly runs the complete 97 minutes. The HK release only runs 90, it's cut by 7 minutes. Someone on another forum saw the film and said it was quite good and quite violent. As a matter of fact, this person saw the HK release and it was still violent so he could just imagine what else is contained in the 7 minute longer Korean release. :)
  4. LJMurder

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    thanks for the heads up on that. I haven't looked into it yet but i'll make a note to get the korean release. Have you noticed that the Korean releases seem to be way better than most? they get nutty with the amount of 2 and 3 disk special editions of movies. come to think of it, most of the korean stuff i have is a 2 disk special edition.

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