Night of the Living Dead (Colorized 2004)

Discussion in 'Reader Reviews' started by Skull Hunter, Oct 7, 2004.

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    My favorite horror film of all time is NOTLD and when I heard of the new colorized version I was naturally curious. I had a hard time locating it at any store because many of them already had copies of the many crappy unrestored versions and didn't think getting another was worth it. I did finally track it down and I will share my thoughts here. The colorized film looks ok, much better than the previous attempt at coloring but not all together too natural looking. I found that the colors worked best on inanimate objects such as trees etc, and in outdoor settings. The flesh tones are acceptable but none the less a good effort. Bottom line is that you can almost pass this off in some places as a color film but only for seconds at a time as frequently something will catch your eye that will shatter the illusion. A bright red shirt for example or an off grouping of strange, clashing colors almost make this too surreal in parts. The fire however colored really nice. I think that it would have benefited also if the contrast was toned down slightly as I think the film looks too colorful at times. Instead of blending, the colors clash too strongly sometimes. The colorized version was taken from a restored version of the film thus the quality and sharpness looks quite good and there are 5.1 and DTS audio tracks available. The special features include a restored black and white version of the movie, not as good as the Millennium transfer which is THX but this is very good and the next best edition available at the moment for such a cheap price. We're talking around 10 bucks here. The B&W edition only offers the original mono track though. Also included is a game where you have to guess what celebrity looks like one of the zombies from the film. A pretty useless extra that you will only ever look at once. The commentary track by Mike Nelson is pretty useless too in my opinion. It offers very little info besides the names of the actors, all the while Nelson throws out little comments that are an attempt at humor. There are a few funny comments but most of them aren't. This is more comparable to sitting around with a bunch of friends making fun of a movie where everyone just throws in their own comment mocking something. Overall, I enjoyed at least checking out the results of the color experiment, but the B&W original version is where it's at. The price can't be beat and I would definately recommend that you pick it up for the restored B&W version primarily and treat the colorized version as if it were an extra. I don't think you can be disappointed in this if you don't own any other version of NOTLD.
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    i think the colorized transfer is awesome but if you want the movie in its original black and white quality get the millenium edition because the black and white transfer is better on that dvd
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    i got it for the commentary and it was facking awful. He is seriously one unfunny dude when he's not sitting between two robots.
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    I found his commentary to be lackluster as well, and I think it has something to do with this actually being a GOOD movie. His commentary on Reefer Madness was much better.
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    I haven't heard the commentary, nor do I care too, but the commentary probably sucks because you cannot make fun of the greatest horror film of all time. ;)
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