my review of KILLING BIRDS (Zombie 5)

Discussion in 'Reader Reviews' started by DefJeff, Aug 7, 2003.

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    So this is a movie I have wanted to see for awhile, and I was thrilled with I heard Shriek Show was planning to release it. I finally got the disc the other day and figured I would write you guys up a review, since I haven't really heard this movie discussed too much, and you know my tastes for the most part, and can judge according to that.

    Shriek Show gives us an OK package with this disc. While the picture quality (presented in Anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1) is pretty good, the sound is just OK. I felt it was a little hard to hear at certain times, but that could also be because of the AWFUL accents the people had.

    Rounding out the disc are the extra features which consist of an 11 minute interview with Robert Vaughn, a picture gallery that runs approx 1 minute and 10 seconds; and features Lobby Cards, Posters and some VHS art and last but not least, we are treated to a collection of trailers which include: FLESH FOR THE BEAST (which looks like absolute garbage), BLACK DEMONS, ZOMBI 2 and KILLING BIRDS.

    So the movie starts off with a soldier coming home, checking on his birds and catching his wife in bed with another man. Obviously, doing the only right thing in that kind of situation, he pulls his knife from his waist and slashes the mans throat, and kills his wife. Some other people come over with a baby and the 2 adults get theirs too.

    Cut to some time later on, a group of kids get a grant to go searching for an elusive bird out in the wilderness. Soon, the students find a dead body... scared, they run away looking for some shelter. They find the house this movie started off in and soon the dead begin to rise and start up with their normal antics .. now everyone must try to escape with their lives!

    One thing this movie definitally has going for it is a few pretty creepy moments. Acutally, I was pretty surprised this movie even had that, because right from the get go, this reminded me of ZOMBI 3, ZOMBI 4 and BLACK DEMONS. BUT, KILLING BIRDS is a step above them, due to the creepy atmosphere as well as a couple of cool (although pretty bad looking) gore shots and a cool looking zombie or two. Aside from those good points, this movie was pretty average, and while I don't think anyone interested will be disappointed with it, I highly doubt anyone will be amazed.

    Definitally worth a rent, but not much more.

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  2. Cujo108

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    I obviously liked this film a lot more than Jeff, as my review in the Euro forum should attest to. Easily one of the best Euro zombie films in my book, and I have been waiting for this disc for a while.

    Nice review, Jeff, even if we don't completely see eye to eye on this one. ;)
  3. poorlogic

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    I was going to pick this disc up, but I think I'll pass now. Thanks for the solid review Jeff, you saved me $16!
  4. RyanPC

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    Wow... I even more interested in this movie now.

    Thanks Jeff, cool review. :cool:
  5. thrashard76

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    Well not knowing much (if anything) about this movie I decided to order it anyway. My copy recently shipped and I can't wait to check it out first hand. Nice review Jeff. ;) If its better than Zombie 3, 4 and Black Demons then it should be one of my faves.

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