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Discussion in 'Reader Reviews' started by KillSwitch, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. KillSwitch

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    Wow... if you don't get all fuzzy on the inside from the opening scene in this movie... your useless. What an awesome opening. Excellent KNB work here (along with some CG, but mehh)
    K, this film is about a salvage crew on the Ocean who (with the help of an airplane pilot) find an empty luxury liner. Oh ya...this movie stars Julianna Margulies and Gabriel Byrne. They want to tow that sucker in because its worth like 64 million smackeroos. Anyway, they get there crew together and go looking for it. They find it eventually and get aboard. Then weird shit happens from time to time. They find a modern day digital watch, even though this ship has been missing since 1962. I don't want to say too much about the story because it is suprised filled and all that stuff. The opening is amazing!!!

    The film is presented in 1,85:1 widescreen. It is a new film so it is super clear and everything.

    Sound is 5.1 dolby surround. :)

    There are English, French and Spanish subs. There are English and French language tracks.

    Extras, we get a music video by Mudvayne "Not Falling" There are featurettes, the best being A Closer Look At The Gore. It features Howard Berger from KNB talking about the make up fx and everything. There is also the traditional behind the scenes documentary where people ramble about the movie and there characters. There is also a trailer for the movie.

    Overall, A fun movie. I enjoyed it. This was produced by Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis and Gilbert Adler. They also produced House on Haunted Hill and Thirteen Ghosts. If you liked those, you should like Ghost Ship... it has that same flavour of style and the gore is just right! :)

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  2. Good review KillSwitch!

    I watched this last week, and I thought that it was pretty good.

    Very much like House On Haunted Hill and Thirteen Ghosts. I totally agree. :D
  3. highdef

    highdef Guest

    I liked it as well. An excellent popcorn flick.
  4. betterdan

    betterdan Guest

    The beginning was fantastic then after that pewie what a stinker.
  5. bruce h

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    Apr 26, 2001
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    Surprise-filled? GHOST SHIP was probably the most predictable, cliche-riddled piece of Hollywood excrement I've seen in YEARS.
  6. KillerCannabis

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    So Cal
    I'm sure I'll end up getting this soon. I have the other Dark Castle films and I plan to continue on with the collection. Nice review BTW.
  7. ScarredGod

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    i saw this movie at the $1 theatre and almost wanted my money back if it wasnt for the opening scene, which is similar to scenes in Cube, Resident Evil and thirteen ghosts. the entire last reel was out of focus and no one cared. terrible. i wont even get into the nu-metal soundtrack, yikes.
  8. legnadibrom

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    opening was cool, and that techno musical montage thing in the middle, but i dont understand the movie, if that guy was some sort of demon collecting souls why did he use his powers so retardedly, i didnt understand a lot of it, and no one i talked to about the film did either, same with ","
    "13 ghosts" was better, but that had one of the worst endings for a horror movie, ever
  9. Hellbilly

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    Jul 22, 2001
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    Cool review KillSwitch. I also enjoyed Ghost Ship. Fun flick.
  10. Grim

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    Oct 25, 2002
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    Baltimore, MD
    Like i stated in numerous other threads, atleast it's better than most of the hollywood horror films released in the past four years. Oh nice review, this disc is friggin great, if only Warner would release the Lost Boys in something like this.

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