Midsommar (2019)

Discussion in 'General' started by Colin, Mar 4, 2019.

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    I enjoyed the film but have a similar reaction as I had to Hereditary - too long and slightly pretentious. Quite funny and really not that scary or disturbing. It's an arthouse version of Wicker Man which is vastly superior and the movie includes a reference to the Wicker Man remake that almost has to be intentional. I enjoyed the cultural commentary on Americans abroad.

    I also found it strange that the form of this film is almost exactly the same form as Hereditary.
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    I really liked this. And definitely liked this more than Hereditary, which i felt was a bit of a letdown. They definitely are in the same family. What Hereditary was to Rosemary's Baby, this is to Wicker Man. However, I found the characters a lot more engaging (and funny) with this one. The "grief" aspect was handled a lot more poetically this time around - the scene with the women breathing/crying together was wonderfully painful, creepy and tender at the same time. Like Hereditary, it really does have no surprises in the plot, but this one had more surprises in the way it used the Wicker Man pattern to explore the character's emotions. And, like Wicker Man, it's never really "scary" but it does have that unease that sits with you throughout the experience, and possibly afterwards. And, wow, is this a beautifully shot film. Compared to modern films, yeah, it probably drags. But, I was always entranced by the imagery whenever it seemed like the plot was slowing, so I still never felt bored or restless. (oddly, i watched Godzilla the following day and felt it was so plodding that I was fidgeting every couple of minutes)

    The only compliant I think I had was that the visual effects for the drug sequences were used too much and became quite distracting at a key scene late in the film. Though they were quite well done in earlier portions. And, there was a bit of confusion about some of the history/logistics of the ritual. One of the characters says in the beginning that this is only performed every 90 years, yet we see photos of about 20 of the previous rituals Midsommar Queens. So, that didn't quite make sense.

    But, overall this was really enjoyable. It's tough to recommend as the pacing and lack of traditional horror will likely make this a dull slog for some people. But, I'd definitely recommend this to fans of the original Wicker Man. Fans of Tarkovsky may also want to take a look as a lot of the camera work seemed similar. So, if you're looking to scratch that Nostalghia or Mirror itch, this may tide you over.

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