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    I had heard so many different things about this film. Saying "It's the best Horror movie since Ringu" and "A film that gets under your Skin".

    First of all, You should not compare Ringu with Kairo. Two different movies with very little things in common. One revolves around the curse, yet the other is more about people dealing with the curse. It's sad when people do this to these kind of films, and other films Like The Exorcist and 28 Days Later. YOU JUST DON"T COMPARE. Every film is good in it's own way.

    I won't say nothing about the Storyline because if I do it will ruin. Two words will sum up most of the film. GHOST and CURSE.

    You look at the running time of the film when it finshed and it clocked in to about 115 mins. But if you look at the film, every single shot was needed. If you take out one frame from this movie it will colapse. Like when you are buliding a tower with a Deck of Cards. Take one Card out and Down it all goes. That's how this film is.

    With Ringu it's : Woman find curse, Woman tries to stop Curse, Woman almost Dies, Woman survives, END. Not saying it's bad. I loved Ringu, One of my Best films of all time. But it was to quick to end. With Kairo, it works it's magic into you and slowly comes back to you. It's very more Complex and lets you feel for the charcters alot more.

    This is what Tom Savini Said in an Interview : He said when trying to make Night of The Living Dead. " I'm going to use Death thoughout the film but you won't notice it. Make the trees dead, make the House dead, make the grass dead. Then he will use it agasint you. Something which William Friedkin did in The Exorcist very well ". What do you think of that. Not directed many films. But Savini knows his Horror.

    The Camera Angles in this film are the best I have ever seen in any Horror film period. It's the smartest, yet haunting thing ever done. Watch out for this one scene where the camera will be focusing on the foreground yet something will be happening in the background.

    There is one scene where guy who does not know nothing about computers tries to learn. It's very funny but yet very haunting due to the fact that the internet can lead you to very nice things, or very EVIL things. Like a Lamb to the Slaughter.

    There where some scenes that were never explained, which lingers on in the back of your head and gives you a unsettling feeling after the film.

    The Acting in here seems more real then in any other film I have seen. Much better then what any Hollywood actor could do. Very Powerful yet very Real. The way they react to things and the expression on there face seems very REAL indeed. No denying that. Like Agrento, Deodato, and Bava. Their films don't shine in the acting aspect of the film but yet in the other parts of the film. With Kairo and other Asian Horror. They work on all aspects of the game. Somethig that many films don't do. This is where Bollywood films differ with Japanese films. Bollywood bearly works on the music aspect, then after that they get lazy and they put the rest of the film together very poorly and sloppy. In Hollywood it's either the Directing or the Acting. The Script or the filming. They can never make a film where every aspect is just as good as the other. Either the Diecting is Good and the Script is Bad. But with Asian Cinema. Every Aspect is a 10 out of 10 mark.

    Kiyoshi Kurosawa is a Genius. I would not be surprised if he's related to Akira Kurosawa himself. The directing is amazing something that makes his Uncle (He could Be) proud. If he keeps on dirceting like this he could become very Big like Miike, Kitano, or Nakata. All he needs to do know is make some more films with this style and then he willl become one of my top Directors.

    A classic film which makes you think about it after it has finshed and does not let go of you 28 Days Later (HEHEHEHEHEHEHE).

    The only small Glitch in Kairo is the Stroyline. That kind of idea is been done bfore and it's loosley based on Ringu. It was nothing new to the screen like in Ringu or Battle Royale, storywise only.

    But other then that a another DamN classic from The EasT.

    Score Board :

    Acting : 9
    Directing : 10
    Script : 7.5
    Filming : 10
    Overall : 9/10
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    Excellent Review! I'd love to see this one now!
    Seriously, some nice insight.
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    I agree a 1000%. Kaïro is such an amazing piece of work. It's a genuine masterpiece. I saw it months ago and it still creeps me out just thinking about. This got under my skin more than Ringu.
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    Stop beating around the bush, did you like it or not? ;) Nice review.

    I've posted my opinions about Kairo before. I think it's got some great scenes but as a whole film it's too flawed. As you mentioned the story is weak... we never find out what the internet has to do with ghosts spilling over into our world and trapping people in loneliness (if that is what they are doing). What about that graduate student's program (screensaver?) (that he programmed yet somehow didn't understand). Did anyone with knowledge of computers contribute to this film? Most annoying of all, for me, was that time and again we see characters become depressed, lonely, and then disappear without getting their POV. Each time their friends try to cheer them up. I expected at least a main character to react differently...

    To prove I'm picky... The film used too many master shots. I noticed this more when watching the DVD than when I was in the theatre, but you don't get close-ups of actors' faces until well after they're introduced. Furthermore, technically I think the film needs to provide a better "roadmap" of locations and how they relate to one another.

    As far as I can tell Kairo was made to cash in on the Ring realization that people doing strange things on video screens = creepy. And the story was just an excuse to show lots of such moments. The recent Juon was a better framework for ghost attacks and is creepier as well.

    I really liked the scene with the computer lab attendant looking at the video feed on her home computer - a shot of herself looking at the computer, filmed from a dark room behind her. That was something new and original. That was my favorite scene in Kairo, but like the end of the film, the scene's resolution was basically non-existent - a cutaway like every other scare in the film.

    And the suicide jump was great.

    By the way, the director is the grandson of Akira Kurosawa.
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    Hmm I guess I'll have to watch this film ASAP...bought the DVD a while ago, it's still sealed. :D


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