Just saw Men Behind The Sun

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  1. Just watch Men Behind The Sun... Some very impressive scenes!
    I didn't like the scenes with the cat and the rats because it looks very real and I even think it really happened (didn't it?)

    Too bad the subtitles are very, very bad on this Japan-Shock release... Half the time there's no subtitles (Dutch subtitles that is).
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    It was real.
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    Here's an interview that I believe will be of interest.....


    It's an excellent interview and well worth a read.

    Incidentally, this movie was showing at an all-night video show during a 3 day Fantasy Film Festival I attended back in '91. I fell asleep and kept waking up during MBTS....I woke at one point during the cat scene....this scene hid away in my subconscious for a full 10 years...I only remembered it when the DVD was announced. Disturbing stuff indeed.
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    This is a well made film, but it is quite f***ed up! I find this one very hard to watch, yet I can sit through Salo at a moment's notice, eh?
  5. thanx Connoisseur

    After reading the interview I don't know what to think of T.F. Mou S (or Mous?)... This movie is even more disturbing than I thought. I wonder if the arms of those 2 people in the icewater scene and coolchamber (-196 C) where fake? Are there any special effects at all??? :rolleyes:

    Of course, we didn't use the footage were the boy's face is cut open and pulled down - that would have been way too much!

    I agree! This would've made this movie unbearable!!
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    The film was not nearly as bad as what really went on. I cannot understand how humans could act this way toward one another. For a clearer understanding check out the link below
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