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Discussion in 'Asian Horror and Other Pleasures' started by suspiria, Apr 29, 2003.

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    Oh, how times change :D

    Was it really so long ago that I first watched this film? Oh well.

    I watchd it again tonight, only the second time in two years.

    --so....er......Has anybody seen the UK 'JUNK' release from ArtsMAgic--

    In my above post I said it was "Okay to good". It's two years later now, and expectations are greater. I'm downgrading it to "poor to okay". It's soft, and lacks detail.

    As for the film itself... Watching this again certainly gave me a different perspective. I made a note when I started watching it, it simply said "Hell of the Living Dead". It'as not as funny as that one, but it's trying to be. The worst actor in this thing is a English guy trynig to play an Army leader.... he's so terrible, I wanted more of him. He calls in a japanese scientist, whose Enlgish was also very very funny.

    Globdules of gore, which should please people. But more than anything else it's a Japanese rip of Italian zombie flicks - which if course were a rip of American ones.

    It goes by fast... I can imagine the R2 looks better than the R1 - anamorphic or not.

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