House Of 1000 Corpses

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    There was an enormous amount of expectations placed on this flick when it hit theaters. The story of the film's long journey has been well publicized, and doesn't need to be recounted here. Of course, over that length of time, hype is bound to get out of hand, and many were ultimately disappointed when it finally unspooled last April. I wasn't one of 'em. I loved it.

    The story is nothing new. Stranded motorists meet their untimely deaths at the hands of a family of freaks. What sets the film apart is the manner in which it's presented. Rob Zombie uses a ton of different film stocks and digital video, numerous filters, and a fast cutting style throughout. This gives it a feel that is not unlike most of his music videos. His signature style is on every frame. If this isn't your cup of tea, then most likely, you won't enjoy the movie. Now, technique alone does not a movie make. Thankfully, we also get a group of the most freakishly wonderful villains that I've seen in a long, long time. My only complaint is that none of them really get as much screen time as they deserve, but it is an effective ensemble.

    A sore spot with many of us genre fans is the fact that the DVD contains the same cut released to theaters. Personally, I thought there was a good amount of gore, even in this MPAA sanctioned version. Not every film has to be Dead Alive. Rob Zombie has mentioned that there is more to see, but also that he's been too busy to recut the flick. Hopefully we'll see another cut in the future, but it doesn't exist yet, so I can't fault them for not including it. Some folks may opt to wait for a future release, but they'll be missing out on a great disc here.

    The anamorphic widescreen transfer is amazing. Colors stand out, blacks are black, and the bitrate hovers as almost high as any of the 'Superbit' titles that I have seen. A nice 5.1 surround mix uses all of the speakers, with the music standing out really well. There's also a music only track (in 2.0 stereo), but I've always found those pretty useless. If you like 'em, though, it's here and sounds good. Also included is an entertaining commentary track with Rob Zombie. It's one of the better commentaries that I've heard recently, with all kinds of fun info on the movie. There are the obligatory trailers and a WAY above average still gallery. Not just your average screen grabs, but some real behind the scenes shots, and each one has a caption. The rest of the features can be described as a feast of scraps. Clocking in at only a few minutes each are a featurette, auditions, rehearsals, a few interviews, and some cast tomfoolery called 'Tiny Fucked A Stump'. If you liked the movie, then these will all warrant a glance, although I can't see myself revisiting them all that often. That's pretty much the case with any supplements, though. Also of note are the stellar menu screens. Zombie brought in Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, and Sheri Moon to get back into character and film a large amount of footage for these. When you first put in the disc, you have to 'ring the bell' on Captain Spaulding's counter. He comes out and talks until you select an option. Bill Moseley's Otis is on the scene selection page, and Sheri Moon is present on the special features page. Eventually they loop, but there is a surprising amount of material, more than any motion menus I've seen to date.

    Overall, it's a stunning presentation of a great flick. Even if you want to wait for an uncut release, you should give it a rent and check it out.

    ~Zombie (no relation :D )
  2. Nice DVD review DVD Zombie.

    I am planning on renting this next Tuesday and then deciding weather or not to pick up the disc. Most likely it will be a purchase, but with all of the conflicting reviews I will feel better giving it a watch first. Besides, I work at a video store and I will get to rent it for free. :D
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    Very nice. I entered myself in the contest to win one.
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    wich contest? where can I participate? ;)
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    I heard a rumor that the uncut DVD will be released sometime in October, it's probably 99.999% phony though.
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    Woohoo! Today is the day! Then a week from today will be the day again!
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    Ghost World
    You mean LOTR:TTT right? :banana:
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    I think it said the contest deadline was July 30th, but fuck it I entered anyway. :D
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    damnit.......and it's not july 30th since the winners haven't been announced yet....
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    I dunno... I gave in and bought this earlier and watched it.

    I thought it was great-- certainly one of the best horror films in years. It was scary and refreshing (and funny as hell), but then again, I liked Scream. ;)

    I thought the DVD was wonderful, too. I was fortunate to get one at Wal-Mart with the clear keepcase (they didn't have any tri-folds) so mine didn't rip. :p The extras are great and I agree about the menus, they are pretty cool... even though if you leave them on for minutes on end they get pretty annoying. I especially love the one for the main menu one, it is pretty long but keep watching and you won't regret it as it is fucking hilarious. I'm glad I got this film for my collection (Wal-Mart didn't have a widescreen version of Bringing Down the House, dammit! :D).
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    Wow, you got it at Wal-Mart? I didn't even bother checking there because I figured they wouldn't carry it . . . cool, I'll have to check there. :)
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    Yup, I did! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
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    Nice level headed review; thanks a lot. I am looking forward to the arrival of my disc so it is nice to hear good things about it, although I know I will inevitably end up buying the uncut disc down the line.
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    Rob Zombie is cool, but this movie blows:fuck:
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    yes! I finally got a new 24 inch T.V. Now I can watch widescreen without the picture being so fucking small.
    This movie was good, but what all the people in the pit at the end? where the fuck did they get all those people and what were they doing there? And was the clown guy part of that family, or did that guy just sneak into the back of his car? I was left with so many questions at the end of this movie that I kinda want them to make a sequel... I LOVED the visual effects and the "home movie" sequences though... Not really that much like texas chainsaw massacre... I am gonna say fuck a few more times because I like to... FUCK FUCK FUCKFUCKFUCK!!!!!
    alright good, I am in a really really good mood right now, it's like one in the morning and I'm loaded on caffine and... ummm... well you don't really need to know exactly what I'm loaded on, we will just say caffine for now because that sounds nice and legal... I like typing... okay, I am gonna watch the omen now!
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    Easter Eggs: (courtesy of

    "Easter Egg

    3 Eggs/Trailers

    Access The Egg

    1) The first of 3 eggs can be found by hilighting the Lion's Gate logo on the Main Menu, once highlighted, press right arrow and you'll be taken to a green room shot of Otis, Baby, & Captain Spaulding.

    2) The second egg can be found by going to the Special Features Menu and highlighting "Tiny Fucked A Stump" and press left arrow, again you'll be taken to a green room shot of Otis, Baby, & Captain Spaulding.

    3) The third egg can be found by going to the Scene Selection Menu and highlighting 9-12 and press enter. Once there hit the right arrow 3 times and once again you'll be brought to a green roon scene of guess who? Otis, Baby, & Captain Spaulding. Good Stuff!!!

    4) From the main menu, arrow up until "Lions Gate Films" shows up underneath the last item on the list (House of 1000 Corpses). The trailers are for the movies Cabin Fever, May, and Godsend. As a side note, most of the menus run long while the characters insult you until you pick an option. It's pretty funny. - "
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    LoL, that too. But what I was referring to was Day of the Dead. What a fantastic disc and film.
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    Great reveiw Zombie. I thought HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES kicked ass. I think it has major cult potential once the bad buzz dies down. Just remember that THE THING and DAY OF THE DEAD got shit on too when they were released.
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    I will have to say the exact opposite. Although I don't really thing Robs Zombie blows so much, I don't like his music, or his overdone style in music and image. The big BUT here is that I love this same style when put into a movie, and I was glad he didn't have us listen to much of his crap-rock during the movie. I actually thought the music picked out for the movie was very fitting and added a lot. I loved the "I'll remember you" scene, absolute genius there.

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