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Discussion in 'High Definition' started by horrorscreamer, Sep 17, 2012.

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    So I've noticed that quite a few horror movies are available in HD on sites such as Netflix and iTunes and I was wondering if you guys know any other similar services?

    The ones I know of are;
    Netflix -- Very nice selection
    iTunes -- Biggest selection of HD titles for computer
    VuDu (TV Only!!) -- Biggest selection of HD titles for TV
    Amazon Instant Video (TV Only?? - have not tried this service)
    Bigstar.tv -- Small selection, mainly indie titles
    Headweb (Scandinavia Only) -- Small selection
    Lovefilm (UK, Germany, Scandinavia) -- Small selection
    EpixHD -- Calling these films HD is a stretch, big selection but lackluster quality
    Viki -- Free service, small selection and horrible compression, DVD quality is better even though the movies are supposedly in HD.

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