Grindhouse Releasing is (finally) back!

Discussion in 'High Definition' started by MorallySound, May 13, 2013.

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    750 is an awful lot of dead-stock for a small outfit like Grindhouse. That's close to a fifth or even a third of their largest print runs. That'd be disastrous.

    But 750 is about as low as you can go with a new print job. Perhaps a little too low. Maybe CAV was able to sneak it into another job. After all collectively it's 1500 Blu-ray discs + 1500 DVD discs. 3000 total.

    It's been OOP print for a few years now and I'm sure they figured they could push a few hundred to a few different outlets like Grindhouse Video and DiabolikDVD. I don't think there's much of a conspiracy to that. They want to get these Duke Mitchell films out there. But honestly there's not a lot of people who are buying. So they sell what they can.
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