Going to China, which discs should I get?

Discussion in 'Asian Horror and Other Pleasures' started by moogong, Feb 21, 2003.

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    I'm not actually going to China but a co-worker is and she offered to get me some dvds or cds. I have no clues which ones I should request. Shes from China and she says there are only about 1 US Dollar per disc...I cannot pass this up. Help please!
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    Red to Kill
    Untold Story 1 & 2
    Story of Ricky
    Daughter of Darkness
    Brother of Darkness

    I guess, If stores actually sell those in China all are good and defiently worth $1 a piece. They are category III movies.
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    I dunno dude, that would be one hell of a list to compile... Look around online and look up any non-Chinese movies as well that may be uncut or whatnot.
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    Get all the original uncut versions that you can't legally buy here (Supercop, Project A, Armor of God, Chinese Ghost Story, etc.).
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    A word of caution. Many of the $1 DVDs are boots (though the quality is good) and in many cases you don't get the supplements, or even menus, of the official DVD. And you'll need to buy some DVD cases because they come in sealed plastic sleeves -- the folded cover artwork is usually the same as that of the legit discs.

    My housemate just returned from China and she brought a bunch of cheap DVDs. About half weren't subtitled (have your friend check the back of cover for a listing of English subs; if it's all in Chinese chances are there are no English subs) -- such as Michelle Yeoh's "The Touch" and Andy Lau's new flick "Infernal Affairs". The latter DVD contained the "happy ending" which was required for the mainland; the HK version has the "happy ending" as a supplement I believe.

    She also got the new Harry Potter movie -- it had "Screener copy -- not for sale" (or something to that effect) appearing severel times across the bottom. Interestingly enough this disc did have English subs -- but I wonder who did them. Most of the time they were partial at best and usually only contained a fraction of what was said if they were not completely garbled with nonsense -- I saw the word "fuck" at least three times!! Maybe that was just a comment on the movie.
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