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Discussion in 'Slashers' started by geeare, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. geeare

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    Does anyone here own or ever seen the 3D version of Friday the 13th DVD that is selling on Ebay. I'm just wondering if it's worth getting or not.
  2. I also want to'd make a good suppliment for the upcoming box set
  3. geeare

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    I did a little more research and apparently to view this 3d dvd (and there are more titles like this) you have to get some fancy hardware, not the usual 3d glasses. here's a link to the hardware:

    Does anyone out there have this system????? how is it? might have to start a new thread for this.
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    Does anyone use the search feature anymore? This thread has been done a million times.
  5. patmcgahern

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    For Christ sake YES! There have been so many threads on this and it has been explained fully several times. Fuckin newbies ;)
  6. geeare

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    ne1 tell me how to delete a thread then???????
    I don't like being a n00b
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  7. HorrorMaster

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    I hope the box set version is 3D like "Freddy's Dead" was in the Nightmare Collection. But then again, Paramount treats Friday fans like dirt.

  8. RyanPC

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    I wouldn't mind seeing Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D, but I doubt I would spend money on it. Even if it is in 3D, I doubt the quality is very good.
  9. evildeadfan123

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    I have the LCD 3D System, and Friday The 13th 3D; Jaws 3D; and the Original House of Wax in 3D, and Friday the 13th is pretty good quality. It uses shutter glasses to view the movie in 3D, but the system is about $85.00, including 2 glasses. Worth it, because there are several other 3d movies I don't currently have just yet.
  10. In regards to the 3D systems, they do not work with Progressive Scan DVD players. I believe most DVD players (with Progressive Scan mode) allow you to disable it, so best to check your DVD player's specs before laying down your hard earned cash.

    In regards to the original post, well if you can score it for a decent enough price there would be no harm in picking a copy up. You can always sell it again on eBay.
  11. geeare

    geeare Guest

    I do have progressive scan but I know I can disable it...good piece of info. Thanks!
  12. Roger Ebert

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    Is any one retarded..! -Their is no fucking 3-D..!!

    Is any one retarded..! -The thearictical; -Friday the 13th; -Part 3 came
    out on Video with out the freaking 3-D..! -Face it; -Jason freaks..! -Their
    won't be a dull moment in finding it in 3-D..! -Stick with the video version
    with out until the day you all die..?

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